Software7 Best Landing Page Builders to Boost Conversions for 2022

7 Best Landing Page Builders to Boost Conversions for 2022

Have you ever faced this problem? Your digital marketing campaigns are generating a meager return on investment. No matter how much you improve the ads or keywords, there is no improvement in sight. If that’s the case, your landing page might be the culprit.

Any successful digital advertising campaign needs a landing page since it helps direct your potential customers through your sales funnel and finally generate conversions.

Unpolished landing pages will scare your leads away as they look spammy and end up ruining your reputation. Thus, every business needs to possess an excellent landing page builder tool for any marketing campaign.

Many business owners may believe it is challenging to create such a landing page if they lack web design skills.

However, that is not true anymore, as there are excellent tools that you can use to create your own landing pages within minutes!

This post will only feature the top options. You’ll discover their features, pricing, and, most importantly, their pros and cons. You can then choose the right landing page builder for your advertising campaigns.

Affiliate Disclosure: This article from Victory Tale contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from these companies if you subscribe to their services through my links.

Nevertheless, we always value integrity and prioritize our audience’s interests. Thus, you can rest assured that we present these landing page software products truthfully.

Q&A About Landing Page Builders

Q1: Why do I need a specific landing page? Can I use my homepage?

A: No, unless you sell only one product on your website, you should not use your homepage as a landing page. Other products on your homepage may be utterly irrelevant to the product customers intend to buy. This can distract customers from their intended purchase and harm your ROI from advertising.

On the other hand, a specific landing page will only guide customers toward call-to-action (CTA) or purchasing that product. You can also provide more information or even an extra discount on that product to encourage purchasing, which will lead to better returns on advertising spend.

Q2: Is Wix, Squarespace, or other website builders suitable for creating landing pages?

A: These tools can create simple landing pages. However, unlike landing page tools, website builders offer no specialized features to boost conversions and support your workflow.

You may get started by using a website builder. Nevertheless, in the long run, a high-quality landing page builder would prove a much superior alternative.

Q3: How do landing pages from builders compare with those created by freelancers?

A: Freelancers on Fiverr or unlimited graphic design platforms can create multiple landing pages using web design technologies (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, etc) for you. However, a decent one may cost from $50 to $300 with no specialized features or support.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that these landing pages will be useful as advertised. Some freelancers might rush to complete the tasks, so your landing pages would be poorly coded, which in turn could seriously harm your conversion rates.

Alternatively, you can use landing page builders to create unlimited high-quality landing pages at the pricing of $50-$80 per month. All templates available on these builders are fully optimized. Hence, you don’t need to worry about their performance at all.

These builders also offer additional features to optimize conversions and a professional support team. Hence, landing page builders are clear winners.


Below are the criteria for the best landing page builders:

  • Clean and modern user interface
  • Easy-to-use for non-designers
  • All landing page templates must be professional-looking and fully optimized.
  • Come up with numerous templates for users to choose from
  • Offer multiple “Growth” tools or features to help boost conversions
  • Provide excellent value for money
  • My personal experience with the tool, platform, and customer support (if any) must be positive.

1. Instapage

Instapage is one of the leading landing page creation tools. Using a drag-and-drop builder, you can create any page you want with no design or web development skills required.

Many users improve ROI by as many as 400% after Instapage. If your campaigns have low returns from digital ad spend, this landing page software should definitely be in your marketing arsenal.

Instapage - one of the best landing page builders

Key Features

Drag and Drop Builder – This feature will enable users to build high-quality landing pages within minutes from pre-built optimized layouts.

Drag & Drop Builder from Instapage
Drag & Drop Builder from Instapage

There are more than 500 templates and designs to select from. You will always find ones that suit your industry and marketing campaign.

Still, confused? You can watch the video below for more information.

Responsiveness and Top Performance – This feature is my favorite. Every landing page it creates is mobile-responsive. Thus, its appearance is always beautiful and professional.

It doesn’t matter if customers view them from any device. You don’t need to worry that your landing page will look ugly on mobile devices.

Furthermore, each landing page from Instapage will have swift load times, as Instapage supports AMP and utilizes the Thor Render Engine. You will not lose customers from slow load times anymore.

AMP Support helps increase load time of your landing page
AMP Support helps increase the load time of your landing page

Personalization – You can personalize your landing pages dynamically for different visitors by matching landing pages to visitor data (such as keywords) on the targeted PPC campaign.

Thus, visitors will always find your landing page relevant and more likely to buy from you.

Compared to regular website builders, this personalization feature will save you hours of work, as you don’t need to build many similar landing pages to target different users anymore. Only one dynamic landing page will serve you all.

Personalization of landing pages by Instapage
Personalization of landing pages by Instapage

A/B Testing – Sometimes, your layout or configuration on the landing page can ruin your performance. So why not test them all to find the culprit?

Instapage allows you to test everything on the page, so you can find what works best for your visitors.

A/B Testing by Instapage
A/B Testing by Instapage

Heatmaps – Studying users’ behavior is instrumental for advertising success. Instapage provides cumulative data on users’ clicks, scroll depth, and how much time they spend on each part of the landing page.

Heatmaps will provide clues for a marketer like you to create high-converting landing pages. Thus, it is vital to use them with A/B Testing.

As of now, I believe this feature is exclusive to Instapage as I have found no similar features elsewhere.

Heatmaps by Instapage
Heatmaps by Instapage

Ad Map – Instapage can connect directly to your ad account, so you can visualize your ads and update them faster and easier.

Ad Map by Instapage

Instapage will also calculate the post-click score to help you find ways to optimize ads personalization further.

Post-click score
Post-click score

Analytics Tools – Instapage will provide data collected from your published landing pages for you to research to improve performance.

Collaboration – Unlike many other landing page software, Instapage provides collaboration support for an entire marketing team.

You and your subordinates can work together with ease on the cloud. You can make real-time edits, give instant feedback, or even share your work securely with other parties to review.

Real-time edits are beneficial for marketing teams
Real-time edits are useful for marketing teams.

Integration – Instapage can integrate with more than 100 tools, including CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation tools. These include Salesforce, Hubspot, Keap, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and many more.

You can also integrate Instapage with WordPress via a WordPress plugin. Thus, WordPress users can use the software with ease.

However, I prefer independent hosting from Instapage to take advantage of its AWS hosting server included in the plan.

Finally, you can also connect payment providers such as Paypal and Stripe to your landing pages to smoothen the payment process.

Try Instapage Free for 14 days

Pricing and Which Plan to Choose

Instapage offers this pricing plan for customers to consider:

  • Business – Starting at $199 per month (pay annually for $2388)
  • Converting – Custom pricing for your use
Instapage new pricing

The Business plan can have unlimited conversions and domains. If you optimize your marketing campaign well (aka high conversion rates), your ROI will be better than using other landing page creators such as Unbounce that restrict conversions.

As for the features, the Business plan has all the core features in Instapage’s arsenal. However, if you need advanced features such as Ad Map or workflow features such as editable global blocks, you have to subscribe to the Converting plan.

I don’t think those advanced features are necessary for small or medium businesses. They are indeed powerful but not game-changing. You will be in good shape using only core features.

Pros and Cons of Instapage


  • Easy to use and reliable landing page builder (no coding needed)
  • More than 500 landing page templates to select from, probably the most in the industry
  • Powerful features, especially personalization and collaboration
  • Excellent responsive design for landing pages
  • Hosting landing page with AWS, thus very fast and stable + Publish unlimited landing page under your domain
  • Top collaboration tools
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Free SSL Encryption
  • More than a hundred integrations
  • Unlimited conversions (Best for businesses with high conversions)
  • Good reviews on g2 (4.3/5.0) and Capterra (4.5/5.0)


  • Higher starting price than other alternatives
  • limited landing pages for the Business plan
  • Subpar Customer Support
  • Low reviews on Trustpilot (3.5/5.0) mostly resulted from disruptions from the pandemic in early 2020. However, things have been improved ever since. More 5-star reviews are coming in.
  • Limited monthly visitors

Since each user has different requirements, I suggest you try Instapage on your own to see if it is the right tool. You can schedule a demo with the support team to get first-hand experience.

2. Unbounce

Unbounce is a formidable competitor to Instapage in the landing page builders space.

If you are trying to improve your conversions and considering landing pages as part of your strategy, Unbounce is one of the best options you cannot ignore.

Unbounce - one of the leading landing page builders
Unbounce – one of the leading landing page builders

Key Features

Landing Page Builder – Unbounce allows users to drag and drop to create stunning landing pages with ease. You can use pre-built conversion-focused templates or start everything from scratch.

Unbounce landing page builder
Unbounce Landing Page Building Platform

The great advantage here is that there are no grids, blocks, or boundaries on Unbounce’s landing page builder.

There are also many customization options. For example, you can add form builders for lead generation, videos, popups, and many more.

Unbounce also automatically integrates with Unsplash, a high-quality, copyright-free image gallery. Thus, you can use every photo there for free without the need to open the Unsplash website.

Unbounce provides full customization options to landing pages
Unbounce provides full customization options for landing pages

Thus, you are free to use your creativity to create custom landing pages as you desire. If any page works well, Unbounce allows you to clone your entire landing page or copy and paste specific page elements, saving hours in the process and improving workflow.

Responsiveness and Performance – Creating a mobile responsive landing page is effortless with Unbounce.

After creating a landing page for the desktop, a small tweak is enough for everything to work on mobile. You can also switch between desktop and mobile views on the visual editor to ensure that everything works fine on every device.

Editing landing pages on mobile view is easy with Unbounce
Editing landing pages on mobile view is easy with Unbounce

Unbounce offers a lot of support for your pages to load faster, including Amazon CloudFront CDN, AMP, Auto Image Optimizer, and many more.

Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) – Similar to Instapage’s personalization, this feature is game-changing.

Texts on the landing page will be adjusted dynamically according to search terms. Thus, visitors will find only relevant information, increasing the conversion rate consequently.

A/B Testing: You can conduct A/B testing on every variation on your page to find the best configuration that returns the best results.

Smart Traffic: As a new feature from Unbounce, the AI will optimize personalization by sending visitors to the landing page variant that is most relevant or has the highest conversion potential.

Smart Traffic by Unbounce
Smart Traffic by Unbounce

These variants may be different in text, image, or even have completely different layouts. The AI will learn quickly and start directing traffic to the best landing pages you have.

According to Unbounce, some users use Smart Traffic to boost the conversion rate by as much as 30%.

Analytics: Unbounce provides real-time data related to your performance on the dashboard. You can also integrate the tool with Google Analytics for better tracking and more results.

Integration: In terms of integration, Unbounce is an absolute winner. You can integrate the tool with up to 1,000 marketing software, including CRM, marketing automation, customer support, and email marketing services.

Identical to Instapage, you can use Unbounce on WordPress via a plugin. Nonetheless, you may want to host all your assets independently for faster loading.

Try Unbounce Free for 14 days

Pricing and Which Plan to Choose

Unbounce has as many as four plans to choose from. The pricing below is the average monthly payment for annual plans.

  • Launch – $81 per month
  • Optimize – $122 per month
  • Accelerate – $203 per month
Unbounce New Pricing

Each plan is different in two things, features and resource limits.

If you subscribe to the Launch plan, you won’t get A/B testing, DTR, Smart Traffic, and AMP.

Without these features, Unbounce is not much different from a traditional website builder. There are better alternatives elsewhere at this price.

The Optimize plan is the best option. You will get everything except AMP and advanced targeting/scheduling. These two extra features are not necessary. You already have the best of Unbounce in your pockets. Thus, I think this plan is an optimal choice for small businesses.

However, unlike Instapage, Unbounce limits BOTH conversions AND monthly unique visitors.

With the Optimize plan, you will get 1,000 conversions and 30,000 visitors. Higher plans would increase quotas on resources. The Accelerate plan gives 2,500 conversions and 50,000 visitors.

You don’t need to worry about this issue. Unbounce will not suspend your assets if you exceed the limit. They will upgrade your plan on your next bill.

Click the button below to get 20% off all plans NOW!

Unbounce Pros and Cons


  • Building landing pages through a drag-and-drop platform is straightforward.
  • Numerous customization options
  • Various robust optimization features to use
  • Pages load fast and stable.
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Popups and Sticky bars
  • Integrate with more than 1,000 marketing tools (probably the most in the industry) and WordPress
  • Superb guide for new users to get started
  • Provides SSL Encryption and is GDPR compliant
  • Independent hosting of all assets + Custom domain
  • Excellent reviews on g2 (4.4/5.0) and Capterra (4.6/5.0)


  • Fewer landing page templates
  • Limit both visitors and conversions
  • Limited features for the entry plan
  • Subpar Customer Support
  • Low reviews on Trustpilot (3.5/5.0) mostly due to customer support
  • 14-day free trial requires a credit card

You can start a 14-day free trial to try Unbounce for free, but do not forget to cancel it. Otherwise, you will be charged immediately.

3. Landingi

If Instapage and Unbounce are too expensive for your business, I suggest you try Landingi. This landing page creator helps you create formidable landing pages that convert like crazy for a much more affordable price.

Nevertheless, Landingi is now more than just a landing page builder, as the company provides full lead generation and advertising services. Still, landing page solutions are their core business.


Key Features

Drag and Drop Editor – The Landingi editor has more than 300 templates for you to select to begin with. You can then drag and drop ready-to-use page elements to build an astonishing landing page.

Drag & Drop Builder by Landingi
Drag & Drop Builder by Landingi

Responsiveness – The page builder has both desktop and mobile views. Thus, you can comfortably design your landing page without worrying about mobile usability.

Optimization and Personalization – You can perform unlimited A/B testing for page elements on the landing page and pick the best ones. Furthermore, you can also use dynamic text replacement to display texts differently according to the user’s preference or keyword insertion.

Analytics – You can analyze your conversion rate and other essential metrics with ease.

Popups and Forms – Explicitly built for lead generation, popups and forms can be added to your landing pages to make an email list.

You can also export these leads to your email marketing software and even send an autoresponder after completing the form.

Integrations – You can integrate with more than 50 marketing tools, including email marketing, CRM, Live Chat, WordPress, and many more.

Landingi Pricing

Landingi offers three pricing plans for all users. The prices below are for annual plans.

  • Create – $55 per month
  • Automate – $79 per month
  • Agency -$149 per month
Landingi Pricing
Landingi Pricing

I don’t think the Create plan is worth subscribing to as there is no A/B testing or autoresponders for your forms. Small E-commerce sites should start with the Automate plan, as it has all the core features of Landingi.

In terms of resources, Landingi is very generous. There is no limit on conversions and landing pages.

The only limit it has is monthly users. However, the ceiling is very high, as you can receive as many as 100,000 users in the Automate plan. This number is more than three times those of Instapage, despite costing less than half the price.

If you exceed the limit, you can pay $15 per month for an extra 50,000 monthly users or upgrade an account to a higher plan. Landingi will not deactivate your account under any circumstances.

Landingi Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive compared to other landing page builders on the market
  • 300+ pre-built templates
  • Excellent pop-ups and forms for lead generation
  • Free, high-performance AWS hosting for your landing pages + Custom domain
  • Security and Control (SSL and GDPR compliant)
  • Unlimited landing pages, conversions, and users
  • High ceiling for monthly users
  • No credit card required for 14-day free trial
  • Good reviews across three platforms (Trustpilot 3.9/5.0, Capterra 4.8/5.0, and g2 4.4/5.0)


  • More difficult to use than some peers, such as Instapage
  • Decent collaboration tool
  • No AMP or speed booster support for landing pages

If you want a landing page software that is not only useful, flexible, and inexpensive but also provides abundant resources, Landingi is probably one of the best landing page builders.

Are you feeling convinced? Start a free trial with Landingi now!

4. LeadPages

LeadPages is another attractive alternative to consider. Leadpages helps you build beautiful landing pages that turn visitors into leads and customers into repeat customers.


Key Features

Landing Page Builder – Just select the templates you like, customize them, add your content, and publish them with a single click. Everything is code-free and drag-and-drop. Your finished page will be mobile-responsive and load fast in seconds.

Add-ons – Leadpages allows users to add various features such as pop-ups, countdown timers, video players, and calendars to the landing page. These add-ons could help you increase the conversion rate significantly.

A/B Testing – Identical to other landing page builders, Leadpages can perform A/B testing on any landing page, ensuring that every page element is conversion-focused.

Real-time Analytics Tools – Get your data from marketing campaigns in real-time.

Integrations – You can integrate Leadpages with WordPress and other marketing tools with ease.

Besides being a landing page builder, Leadpages is a website builder as well. However, I would not recommend using this feature, as there are much better alternatives elsewhere, such as WordPress.

Pricing and Which Plan to Choose

Leadpages offers a three-tier pricing structure. The pricing below is for annual plans.

  • Standard – $27/month
  • Pro- $59/month
  • Advanced -$239/month
Leafpages pricing
Leafpages pricing

The standard plan lacks the essential features of specialized landing page builders.

You cannot even make sales or accept recurring payments from your landing page! Thus, it makes no difference from regular website builders. If you choose this plan, why don’t you use the Elementor plugin instead?

The Pro plan is the one that you should use. It will give you A/B testing. You can generate sales and accept payments as you wish. However, you cannot integrate with advanced tools such as Hubspot or Salesforce. You have to subscribe to the Advanced plan to do so.

The Advanced plan costs $239 a month. You can create as many as 50 websites (which I don’t recommend), add advanced integrations, and very few other features.

There are other alternatives such as Landingi or Instapage that provide more useful features at this price. If you really need these integrations, it is better to skip Leadpages and choose other landing page builders.

The great thing is that Leadpages has no limits on landing pages, conversions, and users on every plan. Thus, the Pro plan is 100% adequate for small businesses.

Leadpages Pros and Cons


  • Provides a complete conversion toolkit
  • No-code landing page builder
  • Numerous add-ons to add
  • Cheaper pricing
  • Unlimited landing pages, monthly users, and conversions
  • Good load speed
  • Free Hosting and SSL
  • GDPR compliant
  • Good reviews across three platforms (Trustpilot 4.5/5.0, g2 4.0/5.0, Capterra 4.6/5.0


  • The drag and drop interface is quite clunky.
  • Cannot make sales in the standard plan
  • Lacks advanced features of other landing page builders such as dynamic text replacement
  • Can’t integrate with advanced marketing tools at lower plans
  • If you don’t need a website builder, many features are useless.

You can try Leadpages for free for 14 days.

5. Lander

Lander is the easiest and most effective way to build landing pages that convert – whether you’re a beginner or an expert. The platform provides many useful features that could match up with leading landing page builders in the industry.


Key Features

Landing Page Builder – Select from 100+ high converting landing page templates to build one on your own by utilizing a drag-and-drop builder. You can also add social media widgets, videos, a CTA button, and a countdown timer to boost your lead generation.

Each landing page is mobile-responsive, reducing bounce rates and boosting your conversions.

A/B Testing – Split-testing everything to ensure you build a landing page that yields high performance

Dynamic Text Replacement – Texts on landing pages can be changed dynamically based on keyword insertion from customers. This feature helps improve personalization and user experience.

Analytics Tool – Lander will gather data from landing pages on the dashboard for users to analyze trends. You can also add Google Analytics for better data.

Auto-Fill Forms – The form will remember previous user information and fill itself out immediately. Thus, it is easier for users to provide the details.

Integrations – Lander can integrate with email marketing and CRM platforms with ease. You can even publish your landing page on Facebook. However, there is no WordPress integration.

Lander Pricing

Lander offers two tiers of pricing structure: Below is pricing for annual plans.

  • Basic – $16 per month (5,000 users)
  • Professional – $83 per month (25,000)
Lander Pricing
Lander Pricing

The Basic plan is inexpensive. However, this price is for annual plans. If you pay monthly, you have to pay $49 per month.

Still, the Basic plan has all the essential features, including A/B testing. Lander is probably the only landing page tool that includes A/B testing in the basic plan that costs only $16 per month.

Five thousand users a month is also sufficient for $16. I think this plan is generally value for money and the one that small businesses could use.

However, you will need to upgrade if you want dynamic text replacement or Zapier/Salesforce/Marketo integration. At $83 per month and 25,000 users limit, Lander turns expensive. You can get more features from other landing page builders such as Landingi and Unbounce at this price.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use: Lander allows you to create high-converting landing pages in minutes.
  • Inexpensive pricing for the annual Basic plan
  • Post your landing page on Facebook
  • Free Hosting
  • A/B testing access at $16 per month
  • Useful guide for beginners to get started
  • 14-day free trial with no credit card required


  • Lander has very few customer reviews.
  • Fewer integrations than other landing page builders on the market + No advanced integration for the basic plan.
  • Fewer landing page templates (though there are various types of custom landing pages)
  • Lower ceiling for conversions
  • No WordPress integration

You can try Lander for free for 14 days.

6. OptimizePress

OptimizePress is a multifunctional WordPress landing page plugin that does not just create top-quality landing pages. It also optimizes the pages you create for better conversions.

With many powerful features at a much lower price, OptimizePress is probably one of the best alternatives to expensive landing page builders for WordPress users.


Key Features

Landing Page Builder – Build a beautiful page with ease by selecting from 40 ready-to-use templates. You can customize everything on the page, including fonts, colors, sizes, etc.

There are many features and effects to add. You can add hover effects, opt-in forms, social media icons, videos, and many more. All landing pages from OptimizePress will be fast, mobile-responsive, and GDPR compliant.

Each landing page template works well with any WordPress theme. Thus, you can use OptimizePress worry-free.

Integrations – OptimizePress can integrate easily with email marketing to transfer collected leads to your email list smoothly and securely.

A/B Testing – Conduct a split-test to optimize performance

You can also use OptimizePress to create sales pages and marketing funnels in addition to regular landing pages.

Pricing and Which Plan to Choose

OptimizePress offers three plans for users as follows:

  • Essential – $99/year or $8.25 per month on average
  • Business – $149/year or $12.5 per month on average
  • Suite – $199/year or $16.5 per month on average
OptimizePress Pricing
OptimizePress Pricing

For all three plans, you will get unlimited landing pages, users, and conversions. Thus, there is no need to worry about extra fees.

It would be best if you used the Suite plan, as you will gain access to A/B testing, opt-in forms, premium templates, and marketing funnels at only $16.5 per month. The tool will cost you much less than entry plans provided by most competitors, despite offering more features.

OptimizePress does not offer a free trial. However, customers will receive a full refund within 30 days after purchase.

OptimizePress Pros and Cons


  • Value for money
  • Fast load speed for any every landing page
  • Well-integrated with email marketing tools
  • Unlimited landing pages, users and conversions
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Meager landing page templates (only 40 in total, but 250 if we count all other templates)
  • Fewer integrations than premium tools
  • No independent hosting + need a WordPress site.
  • Fewer features than premium landing page builders

7. KickoffLabs

KickoffLabs is an exciting landing page builder since its approach is entirely different from other competitors. With Kickofflabs, you can create a landing page that turns viral, adding a considerable ROI in return.


Key Features

Landing Page Builder – Like other tools, you can build a beautiful landing page by selecting one from 45 templates and using a drag and drop editor to customize it.

Referral Engine – This feature differentiates Kickoff Labs from competitors. All leads signed up on your landing page will get their referral link, which will give them rewards if they invite their friends.

This process will continue indefinitely and start a viral boost. You can also call this word-of-mouth marketing. KickoffLabs claims that people are 43% more likely to purchase if their friend recommends a product.

Emails with Viral Boost – Send a series of automated emails to connect with your referrals to encourage and alert them of the reward. You can also create a custom email as you wish.

A/B Testing – Test your landing page to analyze which variations of landing pages yield better results.

Analytics and Fraud Protection – KickoffLabs will collect data from the campaigns for further analysis. You can also integrate with Google Analytics for better data. Furthermore, KickoffLabs also has a protection system to prevent fraud from ruining your viral campaign.

Integration – Integrate with several email marketing tools such as Mailchimp and other marketing tools such as Zapier and Keap

Pricing and Which Plan to Use

KickoffLabs offers four-tier pricing plans for all customers as follows:

  • Hobby – $19/month, 2000 visitors
  • Premium – $49/month, 10,000 visitors
  • Business – $99/month, 50,000 visitors
  • Enterprise – $199/month, 150,000 visitors

All pricing here is for annual plans.

KickoffLabs Landing Page pricing
KickoffLabs Landing Page pricing

Hobby and Premium plans are decent, but they lack significant features. 2,000 to 10,000 visitors may be too small for an effective campaign. Furthermore, the Hobby plan has a KickoffLabs branding on every landing page you create.

Thus, you should start with the Business plan, as you will have full features of landing page builders, A/B Testing, advanced fraud protection, coupon code distribution, and ten viral campaigns at the same time. Fifty thousand visitors are adequate for your campaigns to go viral.

The Enterprise plan will not add any significant features. In my opinion, the Business plan is more than adequate for small and medium businesses.

Still, if the Business plan is too expensive for you, I suggest subscribing to the Premium plan, which includes all core features. If your visitor exceeds 10,000, KickoffLabs will automatically upgrade your plan.

KickoffLabs Pros and Cons


  • Excellent landing page builders for viral boost
  • Effortless to use templates + Complete customization
  • Possibly converting better than traditional landing page software
  • Free hosting for all your assets
  • 30-day free trial


  • Minimal landing page templates
  • Very few integrations
  • The hobby and premium plans allow too few monthly users.

You can start your 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

What is the Best Landing Page Builder?

Above are the best landing page builders. However, how do they compare against each other?

Ease of Use: Instapage and Unbounce should be at the top. Both landing page builders are beginner-friendly. You can create a professional-looking landing page within minutes.

Powerful features: I believe Instapage is the winner, though Unbounce and Landingi are very close runner-ups. Heat map technology is game-changing. Five hundred templates in Instapage’s arsenal benefits non-designers who want to create non-cliche landing pages.

Value for Money: Landingi would stand at the front. Paying $79 a month will give you as many as 100,000 users with full features and no limit on conversions and landing pages.

Best for WordPress users: OptimizePress is the best landing page builder for WordPress users. The tool is inexpensive ($16.5 monthly for a Suite plan) and equipped with powerful features.

Highest ROI potential: Certainly, it’s KickoffLabs. No one can underestimate the power of viral marketing and word of mouth.

Collaboration: Instapage for sure. Real-time edits and their collaboration tools are second to none.

Integration: Unbounce is a clear winner with hundreds of integrations, though Instapage is a close runner-up

In the end, you have to select on your own which one suits your business and marketing campaign most.

Other Alternatives

These tools are not practically landing page software, but they provide decent landing page builders as marketing campaign tools.

Each landing page tool in this group will have much less advanced features than the specialized landing page tools above. However, they are still useful for many small businesses that do not want to spend on features they won’t use.

Email Marketing Software

Several email marketing software also allows you to create landing pages. Thus, you can easily collect your leads from landing pages and use them in your email marketing campaigns.

Many (but not all) provide free landing page builders. You can use it immediately after opening an email marketing account.

You don’t have to start a paid plan, as these tools are free for life unless you accumulate off-limits subscribers on your account.

  • Constant Contact – An email marketing software that now evolves to a full marketing suite. The platform allows you to build landing pages to make online sales, generate new leads, and much more. Unfortunately, you can only use it for free for 30 days.
  • MailChimp – This popular email marketing company provides a free landing page builder for every business, though features are quite limited.
  • Convert Kit – Another tool that provides a landing page builder for free plan users
  • AWeber – AWeber allows you to open an account and use their free landing page builder with almost no restrictions.

All-in-one marketing tools

All-in-one marketing tools also include landing page builders in their features. This is beneficial as you can connect your landing pages to automation in marketing campaigns.

However, its features would be limited compared to pure landing page creation tools.

  • GetResponse – A marketing automation software that can create beautiful landing pages in just a few clicks using drag and drop builder. Plans start at $ 15 per month for unlimited landing pages, email marketing, and automation.
  • Keap – Keap includes a drag-and-drop editor for landing pages in Keap Pro and above plans. The pricing starts at $149 per month, which is a bit beyond the limit for small businesses.
  • ActiveCampaign – One of my favorite marketing automation tools. ActiveCampaign provides landing page builders for users who subscribe to the Pro or higher plans. Pricing starts at $49.
  • Moosend – Another top marketing platform that provides excellent a drag-and-drop editor for premium users, starting at $8 monthly
  • Wishpond – Wishpond is an all-in-one marketing suite that provides an excellent landing page builder with A/B testing, along with marketing automation and many other marketing tools. Pricing starts at $49 per month for 1,000 leads.
  • Kartra – This software provides a greater variety of marketing tools. Besides landing pages, you will get marketing funnels, email marketing, forms, and even the affiliate program. Annual plans start at $79 per month.
  • Hubspot – A popular all-in-one marketing tool that allows users to create customized landing pages using a drag-and-drop editor at $45 per month. However, there are no advanced features in this plan. If you need A/B testing, prepare to pay $800 monthly, which is off-limits for small or medium businesses.
Pun Anansakunwat
Pun Anansakunwat
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