Victory Tale is a website devoted to providing the best selections of online courses and software to its audience in the friendliest way.

About the Founder

Pun Anansakunwat founded Victory Tale in 2019. He is a full-time blogger, web developer, writer, tutor, stock investor, and a lifelong learner.

Hello everyone! This is Pun. I want to provide a quick introduction of myself. I am a Thai who currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand. I graduated from Columbia University in 2014 (BA in Financial Economics).

After graduation, I have been a stock investor, a writer of three books, and a tutor to earn a living.  I always have a passion for everything online, especially online learning and software. 

These are my favorite sectors in which I have been investing for years. I also love to explore their products and use them myself. Within a decade, I have taken dozens of online courses and used various types of software. (The latter is to improve my productivity and expand my business.)

Unfortunately, many or even the majority of online courses and software products out there are low-quality. However, after spending money on many of them, I understand how to choose the best ones.

Therefore, I decided to open this website to provide flawless selections for my audience. From now on, everyone would not waste time and money on unsatisfactory products and services again.

If you have inquiries or issues, please contact me [email protected]

Our Content

Education and Software are our focus!

The heart of our content is online courses and software recommendations. We also provide numerous useful tips for learners, students, and software users as well.

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