Software3 Best AI SEO Software That Works for SMBs in 2022

3 Best AI SEO Software That Works for SMBs in 2022

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become the main source of traffic for many businesses in 2022. SEO is instrumental in bringing targeted organic traffic that can potentially become their customers.

However, the mercurial nature of search engines and heightened competition in digital marketing make acquiring top positions on top keywords particularly difficult.

Undoubtedly, many businesses are now facing many challenges in optimizing their website content for SEO.

Thus, it is quite understandable that many SaaS companies have come up with software, services, and solutions that claim to improve your ranking by utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning.

As a website owner whose site derives almost all traffic from SEO, I have tried and used numerous of these tools. Unfortunately, I can only say that some of them are working, while the majority yield no SEO improvements.

This post will provide the best AI SEO tools that will help you rank higher on Google and other search engines regardless of your business niche. You can then freely choose the one that suits your needs or interests.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post from Victory Tale contains affiliate links. We will receive a small commission from AI companies if you subscribe to their services through our links.

However, as we always value integrity and prioritize our audience’s interests, you can rest assured that we present these software products truthfully.

Things You Should Know about AI SEO Software

There are a few things that you need to know about these AI software products before making decisions.

First of all, each AI SEO software aims to improve your Google rankings, but they can provide completely differing features. For example, some tools focus more on backlinks, while others drill deeper into on-page or technical SEO.

Since these tools can be totally different, comparing tools in this list directly may not be perfectly reasonable, as that would resemble comparing apples to oranges.

Hence, I decided not to rank these AI SEO software products sequentially. In other words, the first software in this list may not be better than the fifth. Therefore, it would be best to read through all sections and make your own decisions based on the information provided.

Second, it is impossible to improve your website rankings overnight after using these AI-powered SEO tools. You will need to give sufficient time for the changes you made to materialize.

Third, you still need to work hard on content generation and optimization. If you are looking for AI tools to optimize content for SEO, I suggest you read another in-depth article on AI content optimization tools instead.

Finally, most AI SEO software is under development. Thus, it is very likely that each tool will change drastically when new technologies in natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning come out.

More features will certainly be added to help simplify SEO processes and improve the accuracy of recommendations. Hence, your tool will improve over time.

Currently, this list will include only a few tools. However, I believe there will be many more when the industry becomes more mature. I will not hesitate to add them for my audience to select the right one for their marketing efforts.

1. Can I Rank?

Can I Rank is a comprehensive SEO software that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to help improve the ranking of your website in any search terms. If you are looking for a reliable SEO tool at an affordable price, I think Can I Rank is one of the best options you could find.

Can I Rank, one of the best AI SEO Software
Can I Rank: One of the best AI SEO Software

Key Features

As an AI-powered SEO tool, Can I Rank offers a wide range of services from keyword research to link building. Hence, you don’t need to pay for multiple software in your SEO efforts.

Personalized Recommendations

Can I Rank will provide various types of recommendations, including keyword ideas, link-building opportunities, on-page optimizations, and many more, based on your website data.

Can I Rank showing recommendations

You need to provide basic information, such as your website URL, top pages, categories, and niche, to Can I Rank after you register, which I did below.

Once you provide your data, you will need to wait for the setup process to be completed.

This process is extremely lengthy. In my case, it takes approximately two hours, which is extremely lengthy. This might take longer if your website has numerous posts.

By the way, Can I Rank will alert you once the process is done. Thus, you can log out and spend time working on your content.

Once the process is completed, the proper dashboard will appear. This will provide cumulative insights, including opportunities and recommendations.

I personally appreciate its user interface. It is informative and effortless to understand, though there are plenty of texts to read.

Keyword Research

Similar to regular SEO tools such as Ahrefs and SEMRush, Can I Rank has its own keyword research tool for users to find the right keywords to target.

However, its approach is essentially different from your familiar tools. This tool has much richer features, which will help you find hidden gems.

More Sources – Can I Rank will not include only keywords found on Google Keyword Planner or Google Autosuggest. Instead, this AI SEO software will use AI to find keywords targeted by high-ranking pages, semantic-related keywords, and many others.

Thus, you will have more keywords to target and a much higher possibility to find lucrative, low-competition ones.

Relevancy – Can I Rank shows the relevancy of a particular keyword to your website, which will help you choose the right keyword that can send you paying customers for your business.

This feature makes content creation more structured, and you are less likely to waste time on useless keywords.

Keyword Suggestions – Can I Rank creates several types of keyword groups for your further research. These groups include relevant, high traffic, high value, and high ROI keywords.

Examples of Can I Rank Keyword Research Results

The last group is the one that fascinates me. It provides a list of keywords that have high potential and are not too competitive. Hence, using this tool, content marketers like us do not need to perform labor-intensive keyword screening anymore.

Furthermore, based on my observations, Can I Rank offers excellent long-tail/voice search keyword suggestions that many SEO tools fail to provide.

All keyword suggestions also come with regular metrics such as search volume and CPC, which most digital marketers are familiar with, so you handily select the one to target and start creating content right away.

AI-Based Recommendations – Can I Rank’s AI will provide an in-depth analysis of a particular keyword. You will realize the keyword’s value and the ranking chances (in percentage.)

Keyword Difficulty – Can I Rank’s keyword difficulty is unlike other tools, as it takes the relevancy of your website to that keyword into account. Can I Rank claims that this makes the results more accurate than what regular keyword research tools provide.

Keyword Difficulty (the more the better)

Keyword Clustering – You don’t have to spend extra on keyword clustering tools, as Can I Rank will provide other variations that you can target and rank along with your main keyword.

Competition Analysis

Can I Rank provides an in-depth competitive analysis of the keywords you select. You will see how your site compares with other competitors on various metrics, such as page relevancy, website relevancy, page strength, and website strength.

Competitor Analysis

The best part I like is that Can I Rank offers insights on how to boost these scores. For example, it will ask you to add some keywords to your article, modify page elements, remove potential keyword stuffing, and many more.

You can make changes according to this guidance, so you will not make random guesses anymore.

Regarding on-page SEO, I don’t think Can I Rank can compare with Clearscope or its alternatives such as SurferSEO.

Can I Rank does provide keyword suggestions, but not very in-depth. Therefore, I suggest you use Can I Rank with other content optimization tools to achieve excellent results.

Guarantee Results – I have not seen any SEO tool that offers a money-back guarantee before. However, Can I Rank does.

If you create content targeting a keyword that has a ranking possibility of at least 80% but fails to rank, the company will refund all of your subscription fees.

In my opinion, this agreement is excellent. It also indicates that the software provider is confident in the quality of the tool. You can then rest assured that you will not spend money on those with baseless claims.

Link Building

Can I Rank’s link-building tool provides various detailed suggestions on how to build backlinks effectively. You should treat these suggestions as tasks to be completed. The platform will provide new tasks after you successfully perform the former ones.

Furthermore, when you finish any task, your skill level on the platform will increase, and you will receive more advanced tasks.

Tailored Link Building Strategies provided by Can I Rank
Tailored Link Building Strategies provided by Can I Rank

Many website owners may be scared when you start an outreach. Can I Rank alleviates this pain by providing email templates and detailed instructions. Therefore, you will write excellent outreach emails and understand how to approach your target in no time.

The best thing is that Can I Rank will also search and provide excellent targets for your outreach campaigns. Each target is ranked on relevancy, authority, and obtainability.

Thus, this will increase the success rate of obtaining high-quality links and reduce the time you spend uselessly on low-potential prospects.

From an overall perspective, with Can I Rank, you will have a robust SEO strategy and comfortably spend your efforts in the right place.

The only drawback for this tool is that every feature requires some time to process and analyze the data. Thus, you should not expect that your results will appear instantly when you search for the keyword as Ahrefs or SEMRush.

For example, I used the tool to analyze one keyword, and it takes 10 minutes. Although you can send multiple requests simultaneously, this could be annoying for busy content marketers.

Search Engine Optimization Service

SEO consulting is an additional service provided by the Can I Rank team. I like how it integrates with the platform. For example, each task will have a “do it for me” button embedded with it, so the Can I Rank team can complete it for you.

In other words, if you don’t want to start an outreach yourself, you can press the button for the team to do it for you.


As of May 2021, Can I Rank has a three-tier pricing plan (billed monthly.)

  • DIY Individual – $49 per month
  • DIY Pro – $79 per month
  • DIY Agency – $299 per month
Can I Rank Pricing

The DIY Individual plan has access to almost all the features, except multi-country targeting and white-label reports, which are unnecessary for most users.

However, this plan will receive the lower allocated resources. For example, you can only create 5 keyword reports per day compared to 80 for the Agency plan.

This plan is suitable for small websites with few articles, no aggressive content strategy, and target a single country. The resources in this plan are more than enough to optimize them effectively.

In contrast, if you own a multilingual website that targets multiple countries as I do, it would be best to start with the Pro plan. Then, you will be able to use Can I Rank to target multiple countries and access more resources.

The Agency plan is only for large websites or marketing agencies that need access to white-label reports. Most SMBs do not need this plan unless they have a huge team of content writers or have an aggressive content strategy.

None of these plans will include SEO consulting. If you need that premium service, you will pay hourly rates, which is excellent because you will pay only for what you use. However, you may need to subscribe and pay separately for the software as well.

Regarding the rates, you need to contact Can I Rank directly for more information.

Click on the button below and use the promo code “Affiliate_offer” to receive a 5% discount off all plans.

Pros and Cons


  • Personalized SEO recommendations based on your website data
  • Offer actionable insights, not just plain data
  • Excellent User Interface
  • Effortless to use + Easy to formulate content strategies
  • In-depth keyword research
  • Good link building tool
  • Can import data from other SEO tools
  • Can hire SEO specialists with no long-term contract
  • Money-back guarantees if you fail to rank for an easy-to-rank keyword
  • A free trial is available.


  • Prolonged setup process
  • All features need time to gather and analyze all data. Hence, you will not receive an instant report like other SEO tools.

If you are interested, but you are not ready to subscribe, you can register through the link below to try Can I Rank for free.

2. Diib

Diib is another excellent AI SEO software, which provides numerous features to help you rank well on Google and other search engines. However, unlike Can I Rank, Diib focuses much more on technical SEO. It ensures that your site will run smoothly without any problems.

Diib, one of the best AI SEO Tools
Diib, another excellent AI SEO Tool

Key Features

Upon login, Diib will ask you to connect your account with Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Google My Business, as Diib will utilize the data from these sources. Therefore, if you do not use them beforehand, it would be best to skip Diib and look for other alternatives.

Connect Diib to Google Analytics

Here’s Diib’s Dashboard. It is clean and perfectly comprehensible.

Diib Dashboard
Diib Dashboard

Growth Plan – This is unarguably the most important feature. Diib’s artificial intelligence will analyze your website data (imported from Google Analytics) and recommend several objectives that you can implement to improve your SEO, online presence, user experience, and many more.

This feature is similar to those of Can I Rank. However, it focuses more on technical SEO and does not seem to take relevancy into account. Therefore, I seem to prefer Can I Rank to Diib.

Website Monitoring – Website monitoring is crucial for SEO success. No website visitors, customers, or even search engine crawlers want to view a broken website or, even worse, a hacked website.

With Diib, you don’t need to monitor the website on your own. The tool will monitor the performance of your websites, such as page speed, security, and email deliverability, to ensure an excellent user experience for all visitors.

If it spots any issues, Diib will send alerts straight to your inbox so that you can solve the problem in no time.

SEO Stats – Diib shows the most important SEO metrics such as keywords, backlinks, and traffic value. However, the data presented here is not as in-depth as Can I Rank or regular SEO tools.

Diib SEO Stats featuring keyword searches, backlinks, and search engine indexing

Rank Tracking – Diib will also track different SEO metrics for your website, including Google search results and backlinks. The tool will alert you immediately if there is a significant change in rankings, potentially caused by Google’s algorithm changes or search intent shifts.

Diib SEO Alerts

Diib also provides actionable insights that can help you fix or alleviate such issues. I personally like this feature as it helps me stay up-to-date with my site’s SEO performance and helps me spot the problem beforehand.

Benchmarking – As SEO is becoming increasingly competitive, it would be best to compare your site with competitors. With Diib, you can see how your website performs against the competition and directly improve underperforming areas.

A great part of this is that Diib can also track your competitors’ activity. Thus, you will always know how they make changes to their websites, which may affect Google rankings.

Snapshot Email and Daily Health Score – Website owners can be too busy to read every alert that pops up. Diib will help you solve this problem by sending a weekly snapshot email.

You will be able to perceive how your website performs without the need to go through the deluge of data.

The Daily Health Score is an even more concise version of Snapshot Email. Diib utilizes an advanced predictive algorithm to combine a dozen metrics into a single, readable score.

Therefore, only a small glimpse of your score is enough to assess your daily website performance accurately.

Other SEO Services

Like Can I Rank, Diib also provides a full SEO service apart from its AI SEO software. SEO specialists will help you with SEO content creation, link building, social media advertising, and many more.

Hence, you basically delegate all SEO tasks to Diib and comfortably spend time on other more important projects. However, I do not think these services are necessary, especially if you know what you are doing.


Diib has very straightforward pricing. All customers will pay $29 per month to access all features.

However, if you are interested in Diib’s full SEO services, pricing starts at $416 per month (billed annually.)

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent AI-powered software for technical SEO
  • Insightful suggestions to improve SEO rankings
  • Efficient tools to monitor your site and competitors’
  • Clean User Interface
  • Straightforward to use
  • Several features to keep users up-to-date
  • Fast setup process
  • Affordable


  • Several features require Google Analytics data. You can’t use Diib efficiently if you use Google Analytics alternatives such as Matomo.
  • Some reviewers complained about receiving subpar full service from Diib. Thus, it may be best if you only subscribe to the software.

You can try some of Diib’s features free forever.

3. Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics is a company that offers various digital marketing solutions. Its flagship software, Searchmetrics Suite, provides data-driven insights to improve search rankings and maximize search traffic.

Equipped with advanced AI-powered technology, the platform is thus excellent for content marketers and marketing managers. If you want your website to triumph over competitors, Searchmetrics Suite is probably one of your best options.

Searchmetrics, excellent AI-powered SEO Tool

Key Features

Searchmetrics Suite has four major features that cover all aspects of SEO and content marketing as follows:

Research Cloud – Research Cloud is a feature on Searchmetrics Suite that tackles competitive analysis.

You can conduct in-depth research on any specific domain and find insights into its search rankings, global traffic, highly-ranked content, and keywords.

Serachmetrics Research Cloud
Serachmetrics Research Cloud

Unlike other AI tools, Searchmetrics can conduct research based on historical data so that you can realize the changes and effects over time. I found this feature particularly helpful to analyze past Google’s core updates and sudden traffic drops.

Content Experience – This feature will focus on optimizing your content to beat those of your competitors.

Searchmetrics Content Experience

Utilizing AI technology, Searchmetrics provides a writing platform that will offer real-time suggestions and evaluations to help you create high-quality content pieces that not only match user intent but also rank well on search engines.

This tool is similar to content optimization platforms such as Marketmuse, Clearscope, and SurferSEO.

Search Experience – Searchmetrics’ search experience feature will widen your perspective on search results (SERP.)

Besides tracking your web performance and backlinks, it will reveal user intent, find new opportunities, monitor competitors, and other insights to assist you in creating an effective SEO strategy.

Searchmetrics Search Experience
Searchmetrics Search Experience

Unlike other AI SEO software, Searchmetrics offers more in-depth data, as it can provide results on specific countries (1,000 locations from 30 countries.) Thus, you can analyze them to generate more accurate SEO insights.

Furthermore, Searchmetrics’s AI will also provide useful recommendations to help you boost conversions and sales.

Site Experience – The latest feature from Searchmetrics Suite is similar to that of Diib. The platform will monitor your website, identify key risks and opportunities, and provide beneficial recommendations to help you clean up hidden issues on your site.

These hidden issues include duplicate content, redirect chains, slow website, and many others. All of this could seriously harm your SEO performance. But thanks to Searchmetrics, you can quickly recognize the issue, and handily notify developers to optimize your website.

Furthermore, Searchmetrics also provides you with the best way to build internal links based on your data. Thus, each blog post will connect and increase the relevancy and ranking power of your website.


Searchmetrics does not provide pricing information on their website. You need to contact their support team directly.

I expect total pricing to be higher than other AI SEO tools as Searchmetrics possesses advanced features and provides access to seemingly unlimited data (i.e., 1 billion keywords)

Pros and Cons


  • Access to tons of SEO data points through Research Cloud and Search Experience (Historical data included)
  • Comprehensive AI SEO software (includes everything from on-page SEO, backlink analysis, technical SEO, keyword research, etc.)
  • Excellent content optimizer and content research platform
  • Beautiful data visualization
  • In-depth keyword research
  • Fast support
  • Free trials and demos are available.


  • Some reviewers note that some features are difficult to use or navigate. In other words, not very beginner-friendly
  • Much more expensive than other tools
  • The quality of the user interface is below average.

From an overall perspective, Searchmetrics is an exceptional tool that offers astounding insights to help improve a website’s SEO. However, it is not the best regarding user-friendliness and affordability. Small business owners and entrepreneurs might want to look elsewhere.

On the other hand, if your company becomes larger and has a team of digital marketers and SEO Experts, I think Searchmetrics is certainly worth your consideration.

Searchmetrics’ versatile platform with seemingly unlimited data in the hands of a marketing expert can strengthen your SEO performance like no one can imagine.

Other AI SEO Software to Optimize Rankings

This section includes other AI-powered tools that you may want to consider. However, I did not include them in the list because of different reasons (indicated below.)

However, if those tools on the list do not satisfy your needs, don’t hesitate to try these alternatives.

Alli AI

Alli AI is another tool that utilizes AI technology to optimize the website for SEO without the need to hire developers. In addition, the company claims that its AI can perform various SEO tasks so that you can save on other SEO software.

However, I admit that I don’t understand how this tool works. Alli AI requires me to install a code snippet into my site, and it will “optimize” by performing code changes on every page.

Their website does not provide any more information regarding the process at all. Hence, as a website owner obsessed with web security, I decided to give Alli AI a pass for now.

Market Brew

Market Brew is unarguably one of the leading AI SEO software. The platform utilizes AI-powered predictive search engine models to generate insights and optimize content.

Their system is highly advanced and yields excellent results, but the price tag is extremely high (possibly thousands of dollars per month.)

Bright Edge

Bright Edge positions itself as an enterprise SEO platform. It provides various tools for users to create content that satisfies user intent, find content opportunities, and generate more traffic for the website.

The tool essentially offers exactly what every website owner is looking for. Nevertheless, the pricing is out of reach for most small and medium businesses, as it could cost thousands of dollars per month.

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