Software4 Best Adespresso Alternatives to Optimize Ads | Free and Paid

4 Best Adespresso Alternatives to Optimize Ads | Free and Paid

Adespresso is a powerful tool by Hootsuite that one can use to manage and automate both social media advertising and PPC campaigns.

In other words, Adexpresso can help you manage Google, Instagram, and Facebook ads more efficiently and achieve better ad performance.

Still, many are not fans of the tool and would like to seek better alternatives to Adespresso.


In this post, I shall provide the best ones that provide a similar or even improved user experience to Adespresso. Some are also free to use!

Shall we start now?

Affiliate Disclosure: This post from Victory Tale contains affiliate links. We will receive a small commission from these companies if you subscribe to their services through our links.

Nevertheless, we always value integrity and prioritize our audience’s interests. You can rest assured that we will present each software truthfully.

Things You Should Know

These tools can manage, automate and optimize all types of ad campaigns like Adespresso so that they can serve as a total replacement.

Identical to AdEspresso, all of these alternatives are Facebook marketing partners. Thus, you can rest assured that your ad account will be safe.

It is important to note that most of these tools will focus on Facebook advertising or social media marketing, similar to AdEspresso. Though you can use them in PPC management, their features may not be as powerful as specialized PPC tools such as Adalysis or Optmyzr.

1. Revealbot (Paid)

Revealbot is a formidable alternative to Adespresso. The company is an official marketing partner of Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Snapchat.

Facebook even has a post here that features a successful case study that uses Revealbot to provide more profitable ad campaigns.

Revealbot - one of the best AdEspresso alternatives
Revealbot – one of the best AdEspresso alternatives

Key Features

Revealbot has numerous features to help you manage all advertising campaigns from one place. You don’t have to wear the burden of opening different platforms just to start or pause ads again.

At Revealbot, you can create rules for your automation to manage multiple ads simultaneously. While your rules may be complex, creating them on the Revealbot platform will be straightforward and effortless, as you will use a drag-and-drop interface.

Creating a complex nested conditions is effortless on the Revealbot platform
Creating a complex nested conditions is effortless on the Revealbot platform

There are as many as 20 actions to select, such as increasing the budget after ROAS is higher than 15% or pause immediately if your ads create no conversions. Creating nested conditions for a rule is also possible.

The great thing about Revealbot is its ability to customize everything. You can set custom metrics, timeframes, and many other factors for your rule to be executed.

Revealbot Automation and Reporting: In the image, you can increase bid automatically
Revealbot Automation and Reporting: In this image, you can increase bids automatically

You can also select how frequently Revealbot checks whether the rules are fulfilled, which can be as low as once every 15 minutes. Those who don’t want the rule to run on a specific day (such as Thanksgiving) can exempt that day from a schedule.

Revealbot also collects your advertising data and presents them with the best data visualization technology, so you can analyze, make changes, and optimize your ads across ad accounts with ease.

Furthermore, the platform will send an alert to your Slack account or email in real-time to make sure you are up-to-date on rule executions.

Slack Report by Revealbot
Slack Report by Revealbot

Exclusive Facebook Ads Features

Above are key features that work for all types of ads. However, Revealbot also has several exclusive features that only work for Facebook ads.

These features will help businesses create better social campaigns and, thus, higher ROAS.

Revealbot also has pre-built automation created by marketing experts that can optimize your Facebook Ads in no time. This feature would help save hours for beginners.

For those who are unsure which configuration works best, Revealbot has a bulk creation feature, which is quite similar to Adespresso’s split test.

Users can create dozens of Facebook Ads simultaneously and test them automatically to see which one provides the best conversion rate.

Bulk Creation for A/B Testing
Bulk Creation for A/B Testing

Revealbot can automatically promote any Facebook/Instagram post if that post’s performance exceeds certain conditions (such as like> 1,000.)

Furthermore, it can help you customize promotions and build custom audiences to achieve the best return on advertising spend (ROAS.)

Revealbot Pricing

The pricing structure is very transparent. There is only one pricing plan. The cost will depend on the amount of advertising budget per month.

Revealbot pricing starts at $83 per month (pay annually), but a monthly plan with no contract will cost $99. In this plan, Revealbot can manage your ads up to $10,000 in monthly ad spend.

If you want to spend more, you will need to scale up your plan. For example, if you want to spend $25,000 per month, you need to pay $199 monthly to Revealbot.

Revealbot vs. Adespresso

Both have

  • easy to use automation features to manage, automate and optimize Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads in one place
  • Automatic Page Post Promotion on Facebook
  • powerful A/B testing tool
  • excellent analytics and data visualization tools
  • excellent knowledge base for new users

Revealbot is better on

  • Much more flexible custom optimization rules
  • Pre-built automation rules
  • Automatic Page Post Promotion on Instagram
  • access every feature in the entry plan
  • can manage Snapchat ads
  • Rules log provided
  • Much better UI
  • Slack Notification
  • Better customer support
  • No credit card 14-day free trial (you need a credit card for Adespresso)

Adespresso is better on

  • Easier to use (Revealbot has a bit of a learning curve, especially for those who want to create complex nested conditions)
  • Better collaboration tools
  • Lower entry price (starting at $49/month, pay annually)
  • Unlimited ad spend at $99/month, pay annually
  • Improved dynamic ads/ ad targeting tools
  • Sync your leads with CRM and email marketing tools

Thus, compared to Adespresso, Revealbot has more features related to automation. For example, you can use pre-built rules, automatically promote Instagram posts, manage Snapchat ads, and many more on this ad platform.

If you want to skyrocket your ROAS to a plateau, you should aim to improve your advertising campaign’s efficiency. In this case, Revealbot provides a better solution than Adespresso.

Still, well-established businesses and marketing agencies with multiple advertising accounts might find it easier to use Adespresso, as Revealbot does not integrate well with many CRM tools.

Revealbot offers a 14-day free trial (no credit card is required.)

If you are satisfied, please use the code “REVEALFRIENDS” to get an extra 30% off for the first month.

2. Adzooma (Freemium)

Adzooma is another advertising campaign optimization tool that one can consider as an alternative to Adespresso. The platform can manage Facebook ads, Google ads, and Microsoft ads, as Adzooma is an official partner of those giant tech companies.

Unlike other competitors in this list that operate in the United States, Adzooma is a UK company.

Adzooma - a free alternative to AdEspresso
Adzooma – a free alternative to AdEspresso

Key Features

Adzooma Dashboard


The first feature, Opportunities, is one of the core features of Adzooma.

After you log into the marketing platform and connect your Facebook/Google/Microsoft accounts to Adzooma, the AI (machine learning) will analyze over 50 metrics of your account and provide customized suggestions that you should implement to improve performance.

Adzooma Opportunities feature
Adzooma Opportunities feature

Below are some of the suggestions that might come up

  • Add new keywords
  • Delete misspelled words
  • Stop underperforming ads

You can then apply these suggestions on Adzooma without opening any new tabs on your browser or a Facebook app, which will save you hours of finding and making suitable changes.

Applying Adzooma suggestions
Applying Adzooma suggestions

Opportunities AI will always work backstage. AI will alert you if there are new suggestions to apply to your advertising campaigns.


The second feature, Automation, is identical to Adespresso and Revealbot. You will be able to set your own rules. If the condition is fulfilled, Adzooma will apply that rule automatically.

These default rules are created by marketing experts. You can also customize each of them or add personalized conditions. However, the customization is not as in-depth as Revealbot.

Setting an new automation rule with Adzooma
Setting a new automation rule with Adzooma

Still, you can customize the date and frequency that Adzooma runs rules for. The highest rule check frequency can be as low as once every 30 minutes.

Similar to other ad management tools, Adzooma allows you to manage all advertising campaigns on all three networks (Facebook, Google, Microsoft) from a single platform. This benefit will help smoothen the marketing efforts of normal businesses.

Campaign Management for Adzooma
Campaign Management for Adzooma

Finally, customers can freely create their own reports. Adzooma will gather the information and present it in a most readable way. Thus, you can understand which ad types are the best or the worst performers and many more insights.


FREE for life with no limits on advertising spend!

With the free plan, you can access all the features above. However, if you need more features and optimizations, you will need to invest in the Plus plan.

The Plus plan costs £69 per month or £41 (for annual plans). It will add more powerful features to your ad optimization suite, including the following:

  • 81 Automation Templates – Pre-built strategies that you can use in your advertising campaign to maximize ROI and ROAS
  • Premium Opportunities – This feature is essentially similar to what is offered in the free version, but it provides more actionable insights, such as landing page analysis and bid adjustments.
  • Advanced SEO Insights – Adzooma will scan through your website and provide SEO recommendations to improve your site visibility on search engines.

Adzooma vs Adespresso

Both have

  • Automatic optimization
  • Rule-based automation
  • Multi-account management
  • Detailed Analytics

Adzooma is better on

  • Free for life
  • Higher rule check frequency
  • Less clunky UI
  • Microsoft Ads Management and Optimization
  • easier to use

Adespresso is better on

  • Automatic Page Post Promotion on Facebook
  • powerful A/B testing tool
  • Collaborative tools
  • dynamic ads
  • Integration with CRM and email marketing tools

Despite introducing the paid plan, Adzooma still lacks several features that Adespresso and other premium competitors have, notably an A/B testing tool.

Although Adzooma has introduced several robust features during recent months, it remains tough for Adzooma to compete with Adespresso or Revealbot. Adzooma is more like a mini version of both tools.

However, this does not mean that Adzooma is not worth using. All features on the platform are compelling, effective, and effortless to use. The platform is also fast and pleasing. I have not experienced any clunkiness at all.

You can start optimizing your ads almost right away after installing them. Personally, I have used it and really appreciated its simplicity.

From an overall perspective, Adzooma is very suitable for small and medium businesses that have limited budgets, as the tool can deliver excellent results to their marketing campaign without paying hundreds of dollars a month.

Hence, those businesses can begin with Adzooma and migrate to other premium tools when they have budgets to expand.

3. MadgicX (Paid)

MadgicX is another marketing platform for managing and automating different types of social media ads. Its main features are quite similar to AdEspresso: to manage Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google ads.

MadgicX is the best Adespresso alternative
MadgicX – one of the best Revealbot alternatives

Key Features

MadgicX specializes in using AI in the advertising space. The platform utilizes the power of AI in most of its features.

Facebook Ad tools

Facebook Automation Tools – This tool helps users in managing Facebook ads. You can create your own strategy or use pre-built automation built by MadgicX experts.

Pre-built automation tactics
Pre-built automation tactics

This feature is quite similar to other tools. However, MadgicX triggers rules in real-time! As a result, a business using MadgicX will have much lower non-converting Facebook ads.

MadgicX also lets you add a custom-made comment to the comments section, which is very helpful. Your sales team can increase engagement and fend off comments from haters that may ruin your business.

Autocomment for MadgicX
Autocomment for MadgicX

Identical to AdEspresso, you can also do A/B Testing in MadgicX, but at a much larger scale.

You can launch a Facebook ad on more than hundreds of audiences, so you will realize which one yields the best performance.

Create Audience for MadgicX

On the other hand, you can launch hundreds of versions of Facebook ads to figure out which settings (text length, links or no links, images, discounts) provide the highest return on ad spend.

Other Features

Besides A/B Testing, MadgicX also has other tools to help optimize your Facebook and Google ads.

For example, you can use AI to find the target audience and high-converting lookalike audience for your business, analyze creatives, create the best ad copy, and many more.

Creative Analysis for MadgicX
Creative Analysis for MadgicX

You can also obtain useful data from your Facebook ad campaign. MadgicX will beautifully display your data, so it will be effortless to analyze them further.


Similar to Revealbot, MadgicX has a single plan. All users can access all the features on the platform. The subscription fees will depend on the amount of ad spend you need each month.

The pricing starts at $39 per month (pay annually.) You will get one ad account and can spend up to $1,000 in ad spend. This number will increase if you want to spend more. For example, you need to pay $119 per month (pay annually) to spend up to $10,000 in ads.

You will get only one ad account unless you upgrade your plan to spend at least $25,000 a month. In that case, MadgicX will grant you three ad accounts.

MadgicX vs AdEspresso

Both have

  • A/B Testing Tools
  • Automation Tools
  • Detailed report on advertising spend
  • Audience research and targeted ads

MadgicX is better on

  • Pre-built automation
  • More in-depth audience research than AdEspresso
  • Triggering rules in real-time
  • Auto Ad comment
  • Budget optimization for ad campaign management
  • Cumulatively superior technology
  • Better customer support

AdEspresso is better on

  • Automatic optimization
  • Automatic page post promotion on Facebook
  • Unlimited ad spend if you pay more than $99 a month
  • Easier to use (MadgicX Facebook ad tools can be overwhelming for new users, while AdEspresso can’t)
  • Better knowledge base for new users
  • Collaboration tools
  • Sync contacts to CRM and email marketing tools

From an overall perspective, MadgicX is one of the most reliable AdEspresso alternatives. In fact, I even prefer MadgicX to AdEspresso, because MadgicX can manage and optimize in almost every way that AdEspresso can. The features are much more in-depth as well.

However, MadgicX is more difficult to use than AdEspresso. Customers may need to spend time reading blog posts or speaking to the support team to use the platform at its full potential.

Furthermore, the subscription fees of MadgicX are also higher. This gap will be substantial if your ad spend exceeds $50,000.

If you are interested in MadgicX, you can start a free 7-day trial to try their service (no credit card required.)

4. Qwaya (Paid)

Qwaya is a Facebook ads manager. Unlike AdEspresso, you will not be able to use the tool to optimize Google ads. Still, Qwaya is not a tool that you can ignore if you have ad campaigns on social media.

Qwaya, another top Adespresso alternative

Key Features

Qwaya’s features are simple but powerful. Below is what you can do with Qwaya.

Automation – You can create completely customized rules, schedule your ad campaigns, and rotate your ads. The last feature will help get rid of ad fatigue for your audience.

A/B Testing – Like MadgicX, you can test both your Facebook ad and audience to find the most effective variations for your ad campaigns, leading to optimal ad performance.

URL Builder – Qwaya allows you to add a tracking URL to your Facebook ads. This is based on Google Analytics standards. However, you can create a customized one as well.

Reporting – You can build a report to take control of your data. Each data point will be plotted in simple graphs. Also, you can export data in an Excel file.


Qwaya pricing is also transparent and simple. The pricing starts at $149 per month. There is no limit on ad spend for all of Qwaya’s customers.

If your business needs more user seats, you can choose a higher plan, which costs $249 monthly and gives you 5 user seats in total.

Qwaya vs. AdEspresso

Both have

  • A/B Testing
  • Automation for your campaigns
  • Data Analytics tools

Qwaya is better on

  • Easier to use
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • URL Tracker
  • Clean and minimalist UI

AdEspresso is better on

  • Google Ads manager
  • Automatic Optimization
  • Automatic Page Post Promotion
  • Better knowledge base
  • Unlimited Ad spend starts at $99 vs. $149 for Qwaya.
  • Collaboration tools
  • Dynamic ads

From a general view, AdEspresso has more features than Qwaya. However, if you want a reliable and straightforward Facebook ad manager that works flawlessly for your business, you should also add Qwaya into your arsenal.

Qwaya offers a free trial to try their service for 14 days.

Are There Other Alternatives to AdEspresso?

Answer: Yes!

Below are some other alternatives to AdEspresso. However, most of them aim toward enterprise users. If you have high budgets to spend, these may provide a better user experience and ROAS than AdEspresso.

Zalster – Zalster is a Facebook ads management platform. You can optimize bids, do A/B testing, and utilize pre-built rules to boost performance.

As Zalster does not provide any pricing information on their website, you have to contact them directly if you are interested.

Trapica – Trapica is a marketing automation suite that specializes in social media ads. The platform uses AI to find a more effective audience, create targeting ads, manage budgets, optimize bids.

The great thing is you can use Trapica in every ad network: Facebook, Twitter, Google, or even Quora, Reddit, Spotify, and many more.

You will need to contact Trapica for further pricing information.

SEMRush – This Uber content marketing platform is developing a “Create ads” feature that can create and optimize ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram with ease. However, the product is still in the beta stage. The pricing starts at $100 per month.

You can start a free trial on their website for free. – Unlike AdEspresso, Smartly is a digital marketing tool for enterprise users such as large marketing agencies and eCommerce platforms.

Customers will be able to manage Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest ads from one Smartly account. The pricing starts at 5,000 EUR.

Adstage – This ad manager is probably one of the ultimate AdEspresso alternatives. Adstage customers can automate and optimize almost all social ads available: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Google, and many more.

However, Adstage targets enterprise users as the pricing starts at $670 per month (pay monthly) for a complete product bundle.

Though you can purchase each feature one by one, each one is still more pricey than a complete social media advertising platform such as AdEspresso or Revealbot.

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