Online Learning5 Best Vue.js Courses to Learn Online in 2024

5 Best Vue.js Courses to Learn Online in 2024

Vue.js or Vue is an open-source JavaScript framework that helps you build powerful and dynamic user interfaces and single-page applications (SPA) with the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) design pattern.

Since its release, Vue.js has gained popularity rapidly and become one of the most popular front-end frameworks. According to a Stackoverflow survey from 2020, Vue.js became the seventh most popular web framework.

Hence, if you want a lucrative career in web development, adding Vue.js to one of your skill sets is undoubtedly an excellent idea. Real-world data seems to support this fact, as average Vue developers in the US earn as much as $116000 per year.

Apart from the official documentation, the internet offers numerous online training courses for learning Vue.js. However, not all of them are worth taking. Some Vue courses are of low quality. You may end up spending time and money to no avail.

This post will do the heavy lifting for you. It will feature the best online courses that you can learn Vue from anywhere, any time. You just need to select the one that fits your learning style.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post from Victory Tale contains affiliate links. We will receive a small commission from course providers if you purchase Vue courses through those links.

Nevertheless, we always value integrity and prioritize our audience’s interests. You can rest assured that we will present all the courses truthfully.

Things You Should Know

Since Vue.js is a JavaScript framework, it is not for absolute beginners. You will need to have solid background knowledge of the following before taking Vue courses.

With regards to JavaScript, you should know modern JavaScript (ES6+) as well, as it will smoothen your learning of Vue concepts.

Furthermore, this post will only include Vue courses that are already updated to Vue 3. Older courses that use Vue 2 or even older versions of the framework will not be listed. This will ensure that most course content is up-to-date.

Below are some additional aspects I considered when I chose quality courses onto this list.

    1. Vue Mastery

    Vue Mastery is a platform that exclusively teaches Vue.js to students. All of the instructors are experienced Vue developers with years of teaching experience. Unsurprisingly, Vue Mastery is one of the best platforms to learn Vue.js online.

    Vue Mastery, one of the best Vue courses available online

    Course Content

    As of July 2022, you can choose to start with either Vue 2 or Vue 3. However, I believe starting with Vue 3 is a superior option. This is because Vue 3 is the future, while Vue 2 will be retired soon.

    Furthermore, with Vue 3, you can also make sure that your Vue app is compatible with future updates.

    Vue Mastery’s curriculum is separated into multiple short courses. Each course also has bite-sized lessons. Thus, it is easy-to-follow and straightforward.

    Intro to Vue 3

    Below is a summary of what you will learn from the courses.

    • Introduction to Vue 3 – You will learn the fundamentals of Vue.js and understand the steps to build single-page Vue apps.
    • How to use Vue Router to add navigation features to your Vue app
    • State Management with Vuex
    • Unit testing with Vue 3 + Perform testing on a production-ready Vue app.
    • Create reusable forms with Vue 3 + Use Vee-validate to validate any type or size of forms
    • Building a project management (Trello clone) app
    • User Authentication with JWT + Querying with GraphQL
    • Use Vue animations to create highly engaging user interfaces
    • Scale your app with Nuxt.js + Beautify your app with Vuetify
    • Deep dive into how Vue 3 works
    • Use Vue 3 with TypeScript
    • Composition API for composing components for scalable Vue apps
    • Vue 3 Reactivity
    • Component Design Patterns
    • and many more

    In total, Vue Mastery offers more than 20 hours of video lessons. With many more courses in the pipeline, the entire curriculum could be 30 hours long.

    Some of the above courses are taught by Evan You, an original author of Vue himself. This would be a learning experience like no other. You will understand advanced Vue.js concepts by heart and be able to apply them in real life.

    Besides video lessons, you can also gain access to cheat sheets that will save you hours of valuable time. You don’t need to go through the official documentation or Stackoverflow for essential syntax.

    Regarding pricing, Vue Mastery now uses the subscription model. A monthly subscription costs $19 per month. Alternatively, the annual option will receive two months free, lowering the average fee to $15.83 per month.

    In my opinion, you may not need an annual subscription as the entire curriculum is not that long at this point. I believe most intermediate programmers can complete all the courses in a few months. Hence, a monthly subscription may be more suitable for most learners.

    Suppose you are still unsure whether Vue Mastery is right for you. You can take some courses on the platform for free. I highly recommend trying them before choosing any other Vue courses.

    Pros and Cons



        2. Vue – The Complete Guide (w/ Router, Vuex, Composition API)

        This Udemy course by Maximilian Schwarzmüller is unarguably the most detailed training for Vue. The curriculum features both Vue 2 and Vue 3. Thus, you can master both in one go if you want to.

        Alternatively and optimally, you may choose to take only Vue 3 lessons. As lessons on Vue 2 and Vue 3 are entirely separated from each other (Vue 2 classes will start after all Vue 3 lessons conclude), you will not be confused about whether this lesson is for Vue 2 or Vue 3 at all.

        The complete guide by Max, unarguably the best Vue.js courses on Udemy

        Course Content

        As a project-based course, you will build several web applications using Vue along with learning Vue concepts. The course length is 48.5 hours, including both Vue 2 and Vue 3 parts.

        Below is a summary of what you will learn from the course.

        • Introduction to Vue.js
        • Dom Interaction with Vue
        • How Vue works behind the scenes (Vue Reactivity and Vue App Lifecycle)
        • Components
        • Forms and Sending HTTP Requests
        • Building a SPA
        • Vue Animations and Vuex
        • User Authentication and Optimization
        • Composition API
        • Migrating from Vue 2 to Vue 3
        • Vue 2 content

        In addition, the instructor has prepared several course projects for students to work on. In total, you will build as many as three real-world web applications using Vue 3 and another three using Vue 2.

        That’s not all. You will also receive numerous downloadable learning resources, including articles, examples, and demo projects to help you understand course content.

        The only drawback I found about this course is that its content does not include Nuxt.js. If you want to learn how to use the framework to add server-side rendering to your Vue applications, you will need to buy another course.

        This course receives mostly positive reviews. It scores 4.7/5.0 from more than 48000 ratings. If you are unsure whether this course is right for you, I suggest auditing the free chapter before deciding.

        Pros and Cons



            3. Vue JS Essentials with Vuex and Vue Router

            Suppose all the above Vue courses are too lengthy and do not fit your learning style. I recommend considering Stephen Grider‘s course on Udemy. This Vue course is much more concise than the rest, but it will still include all core concepts that new Vue developers need to understand.

            Stephen Grider's course is concise, thus definitely one of the best Vue.js courses on Udemy

            Course Content

            A summary of the course content is as follows.

            • Introduction to Vue.js and Vue CLI
            • Build a Vue app and add features such as user authentication and image upload
            • Vue Components
            • State Management with Vuex
            • Use Vue Router for navigation
            • Vuex Module Design
            • and many more

            Stephen claims that after completing the course, which takes approximately 11 hours, you will be ready to build a Vue app of your own.

            Regarding course materials, this course will not provide as many resources as others. Still, you can work on several exercises, assignments, and a project to strengthen your skills.

            The course is well-received. It scores 4.6/5.0 from more than 2200 ratings.

            Pros and Cons



                4. Complete Vue Mastery

                If you want to learn how to build production-ready Vue apps, this Udemy course by Andrei Neagoie and Luis Ramirez Jr is one of the best you can find. You will build large-scale Vue applications and deploy them to production.

                Best Vue courses on Udemy by Andrei Neagoie

                Course Content

                The majority of the course content is dedicated to building an enterprise-level application. However, you will also learn core concepts of Vue, including but not limited to

                • Vue Basics + Installing the software (Webpack, Babel, ESLint, and many more)
                • Vue Developer Environment
                • Vue Components
                • Transitions & Animations
                • Composition API
                • Component Design Patterns

                While you work on the project, Andrei will explain how to add features to your web app and relevant Vue concepts. Thus, you will grasp both the theoretical and the hands-on parts.

                Below is a summary of what you will learn from the project.

                • Vuex
                • Form Validation and User Authentication
                • Routing, Uploading Files, Directives, Internationalization
                • Progressive Web Apps and Performance Optimizations
                • Deploying your app

                The video lessons are 30 hours in total. In addition to the course project I mentioned, you will complete two other minor projects, enhancing your skills and equipping you with hands-on experience.

                All of its course content is based on Vue 3. Thus, you don’t need to worry much about compatibility issues.

                The reviews for this course are mostly positive. It scores 4.6/5.0 from more than 300 ratings.

                Pros and Cons



                    Nuxt.js Courses

                    Nuxt.js is a robust framework that enhances many features of Vue.js. However, there are very few free and paid courses on the subject. Below is the only quality one I could find.

                    5. Nuxt.js – Vue.js on Steroids

                    This Udemy course by Maximilian Schwarzmüller is unarguably one of the best introductory courses for Nuxt.js. Upon course completion, you will be able to leverage Nuxt to build high-performance Vue web applications.

                    You will need background knowledge in Vue JS before taking this course.

                    Course Content

                    Below is a summary of what you will learn from the course.

                    • Introduction to Nuxt.js
                    • Pages, Routing & Views
                    • Handling data
                    • Connecting your frontend to the backend
                    • Middleware & User Authentication
                    • Build a single page application with Vue and Nuxt

                    As a project-based course, you will spend time working on an entire course project and learn all the concepts and features that the framework offers along with it.

                    The length of this video course is 6.5 hours. Thus, it is more concise than all Vue counterparts featured in this post. However, it suits well as a supplement course that will perfectly enhance your Vue journey.

                    The course receives mostly positive reviews. It scores 4.7/5.0 from 5,500 ratings.

                    Pros and Cons



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