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10 Best Scrum Master Courses for 2024 | All Top Certifications

Scrum is a lightweight Agile framework that focuses on breaking gigantic development tasks into small ones that can be completed within time-boxed iterations, known as sprints.

This framework helps teams and companies worldwide smoothen workflows, improve flexibility, reduce risks, and enhance productivity.

Still, implementing Scrum is far from being an easy feat. To do so, every company needs the services of Scrum masters who lead the team to progress through multiple development cycles efficiently by using Agile techniques.

Undoubtedly, Scrum master jobs can be found across different industries, and they can be highly lucrative. According to Glassdoor, an average Scrum Master in the US makes as much as $99492 annually.

To qualify as a Scrum master, you need a Scrum Master certification. There are several options to choose from. However, no matter which option you choose, you should not (or even cannot) proceed to the certification exam without completing the verified training.

Furthermore, it can be tedious for busy professionals to research to find the right program from thousands of options available.

This article will then assist you in choosing the right program that offers the best learning experience and provides exceptional value for money, so you can start learning right away.

Affiliate Disclosure: This article from Victory Tale contains affiliate links. We will receive a small commission from our partners if you enroll in Scrum master courses through those links.

Nonetheless, we always value integrity and prioritize our audience’s interests. You can then rest assured that we will review each program truthfully.

Things You Should Know

Best Scrum Master Certifications?

The most well-regarded Scrum certification is the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification by Scrum Alliance, a professional organization founded by the co-creator of Scrum back in 2001.

However, there are other options that you should consider as well, including the following:

1. Professional Scrum Master (PSM) – Created by another co-founder of Scrum, this certification has three levels of assessments. You should pass all three exams to showcase your knowledge of Scrum.

2. Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) – Offered to CSM certification holders with Scrum Alliance, this certification will help manifest your advanced Scrum skills and allow you to scale Scrum and Agile in a larger team.

3. Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) – This certification will showcase your skills as a valuable product owner who can deliver value to customers. Unlike others, you only need to complete 2-day verified training to be certified. There is no Scrum master exam for this certification.

4. Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) – Offered by the PMI (Project Management Institute), the DASM focuses on the practical implementation of the Disciplined Agile Toolkit and other Agile approaches.

All certifications from #2 to #4 are additional Scrum certification options, which you can earn to showcase your Scrum expertise and distinguish yourself from peers. You may want to take it once you become CSM or PSM certified.

Each certification has different requirements. For example, Scrum Alliance requires all candidates to complete the verified training before taking the CSM certification exam, while the PSM has no such prerequisites.

Hence, it is crucial to sift through all three options and choose the one that suits your needs or preferences.


Below are the criteria for the best Scrum Master courses

  • Taught by experts who are Scrum certification holders
  • Available on a user-friendly online learning platform
  • Most of the course content is up-to-date.
  • Offer excellent course materials
  • Provide excellent value for money
  • Receive primarily positive reviews from actual students
  • My personal experience with the course, instructor, and platform (if any) must be positive.

Best CSM Training Courses

1. CSM Training by PMA

The Project Management Academy (PMA) is one of the best project management prep providers. If you are looking for reliable training that can help you pass the CSM certification exam in the first exam, I do not think you should look elsewhere.

One of the best Scrum Master training (CSM) by the PMA

Course Content & Pricing

This program consists of two days of 8-hour interactive training (live online or in-person). Below are the key topics that you will learn in both sessions:

  • Scrum Principles and how to identify suitable projects for Scrum implementations
  • Scrum roles, ceremonies, and artifacts
  • Scrum Master Responsibilities
  • Best practices to build an effective Scrum team
  • User stories & how to manage project backlogs
  • How to best communicate team progress to all levels of the organization
  • Tips and Techniques to pass the CSM exam

Besides the lessons, you will learn all topics through insightful exercises, group discussions, and multiple case studies. Thus, upon program completion, you will acquire practical hands-on experience that will prove valuable in your Scrum master endeavors.

Nevertheless, the drawback of this program is that the PMA only offers it once per month, and the class schedule is not flexible. All classes are on weekdays (8.30 AM – 4.30 PM, Central Time), which may not be optimal for some students.

The price tag for this program is $995 one-time.

Note: Once you earn the CSM certification, you can register for live A-CSM training with the PMA. This training will drill deeper into Scrum concepts, tools, and techniques and equip you with the knowledge required to pass the A-CSM certification exam.

If you are interested in this program, make sure that you book for it in advance since the PMA only offers it once every three months.

Pros & Cons


  • Unarguably one of the best Scrum training courses for the CSM exam
  • Taught by certified Scrum trainers with years of teaching experience
  • Guaranteed-to-run course schedule
  • Well-structured curriculum designed specifically to help students grasp crucial Scrum knowledge and pass the CSM exam
  • Informative lessons focusing on both theoretical and practical
  • Include multiple activities that help students gain hands-on experience
  • Receive 16 SEUs (Scrum Education Units) and 14 PDUs (Professional Development Units for PMP certification holders) upon completion
  • Include a CSM exam ticket and a 2-year Scrum Membership in course fees. Therefore, PMA students do not have to pay additional fees for the exam.


  • Costlier than other alternatives
  • Inflexible class time
  • No pass guarantee

2. Live CSM Training by PMTraining

PMTraining is another project management training provider that offers top-notch training for students.

The company even claims that 97% of its students passed the CSM exam on the first attempt. Considering such a high passing rate, I think this program should definitely be on the radar.

Best Scrum Master Courses (CSM)

Course Content

The class structure is similar to the PMA. There are two 8-hour sessions where you will learn live online (or in-person) from instructors.

Regarding the curriculum, this program will essentially cover the same topics as the PMA counterpart. However, the focus, order, and pace will be different. The following are the key topics you will learn in the sessions.

  • Scrum master approaches and how to apply them immediately
  • Agile Manifesto and the Iron Triangle
  • The Scrum Framework
  • Scrum Implementations Q&A
  • Scrum Roles – Team Member, Product Owner, Scrum Master
  • Scrum Team Management
  • Agile methods for projections
  • Scrum aspects driving ROI and delivering a quality product
  • How a Scrum Master Functions in a development team + Basic Scrum Master Guide
  • Meetings, Artifacts, and Reference Materials
  • Advanced Scrum Considerations

Featured in the classes are real-world examples and case studies. You will also complete various activities that will reinforce your skills. Once you complete both sessions, you will be ready to tackle the most difficult questions of the CSM exam.

If you are still struggling with certain topics, you can send a direct inquiry to your instructor through email and receive additional, personalized guidance that can help clarify them.

PMTraining offers training twice a week. All of which have different class times. Thus, you can choose the one that fits your busy schedule.

Regarding pricing, this program costs $1198. However, PMTraining always offers discounts (up to $500), so all students can enroll in the program by paying as low as $698.

Note: PMTraining offers private classes at competitive group rates, which is an excellent choice for any organization that wants to build Scrum teams in no time.

Pros & Cons


  • Taught by a team of three certified Scrum trainers with decades of project management experience
  • Comprehensive curriculum approved by Scrum Alliance
  • Highly flexible class time
  • Focus on tools and techniques to implement Scrum on projects immediately
  • Offer direct access to the instructor
  • Include a CSM exam ticket in course fees + A Pass Guarantee
  • Students will receive 15 PDU credits from the PMI upon completion.
  • Private classes are available.


  • High standard price. You should always book the program with discounts.

3. CSM Training and Certification Course by GreyCampus

GreyCampus is another provider many companies entrust with training and upskilling their employees. Currently, Greycampus offers group training (of at least five students) for the CSM certification, making it the top choice for enterprises to opt for customized solutions.

Best Scrum Master training by Greycampus

Course Content

Like the previous providers above, GreyCampus’ program offers two days of immersive training, covering the following topics:

  • The Scrum Framework, Roles, Events, Artifacts, and Rules
  • Agile Overview
  • Attitudes and Abilities of Scrum Masters
  • Setting and planning the Scrum stage and sprints
  • Structuring stories, progressive revelations, etc.

The final bullet point is what differentiates this program from others. You will learn from user stories and themes. Both will enrich your learning experience and allow you to grasp critical concepts and Scrum practices.

Since this is a private training, you can customize the schedule or even request another Q&A session if needed.

GreyCampus does not provide pricing information on its site. If you are interested, you have to contact the support team directly.

Pros & Cons


  • Best Scrum master course for teams with custom training requirements
  • Easy-to-follow curriculum
  • Include 1-year access to audio/video lectures from the PMI-ACP course
  • Include two attempts to take the CSM exam and a Scrum Alliance membership
  • Provide 16 SEUs and PDUs upon completion
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Only group training (5+ students) is available.
  • Do not offer in-person training

Best PSM Training Courses

4. Scrum Master Certification Training – Self-Paced Online Course

This program from Master of Project Academy is unarguably the best option for students to self-study for the PSM exam. You will learn from a team of Scrum masters who have years of experience.

According to the company, its students are highly successful as 99% pass the PSM exam in their first attempt.

Best PSM training course

Course Content

Unlike previous CSM courses, this program is 100% self-paced. You will learn from a series of on-demand 50 video lectures (12 hours long in total), covering the following topics:

  • Process, Methodology, and Framework
  • Agile Review – Agile Manifesto, Agile Principles, Extreme Programming, Lean, Kanban, etc.
  • Scrum Framework – Theory, Sprints, Artifacts
  • Scrum/XP Hybrid and Scrumban

Besides high-quality video lectures, this program offers various other educational resources, including quizzes, practice questions, cheat sheets, guides, and a final exam to help you prepare for the PSM exam.

Master of Project Academy offers flexible pricing options. You can subscribe monthly ($52), annually ($237), or even buy lifetime access ($457).

Since this program is not very long, I think you can complete it in 1-2 months. Hence, the monthly subscription would offer the highest value for money.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-follow curriculum
  • Self-paced Scrum master training, optimal for professionals with a busy work schedule
  • Include an informative cheat sheet and guide
  • A final exam is available for students to assess their skills.
  • Several students pointed out that the Agile/Scrum sections are fantastic.
  • Grant 12 PDUs upon completion
  • Flexible subscription plans (if needed, you can purchase lifetime access.)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Private/Group tutoring is available upon request.


  • Costlier than other alternatives

5. Complete Agile Scrum Master Certification Training

This Udemy course by Mirko Perkusich is an excellent choice if you are looking for affordable training for the PSM I.

Mirko is an Agile expert and a software developer who holds four Scrum certifications (PSM, PSPO, CSPO, and CSM). Hence, you can learn numerous tips and techniques from him and pass the PSM I certification exam with ease.

Best Agile Scrum Master courses on Udemy

Course Content

Below is what you will learn from this 5-hour course:

  • Introduction to Scrum
  • Agile Manifesto, Mindsets, Values, Principles
  • The relationship between Agile and Scrum
  • Scrum Theory and Values
  • The Scrum Team (Product Owner, Developer, Scrum Master)
  • Scrum Artifacts and Events
  • Exam tips and techniques
  • and many more

In addition to the video lectures, you will gain access to more than 300 practice questions for the PSM I, which are more than adequate for effective exam preparation.

Reviews: 4.7/5.0, Students: 27700+

Pros & Cons


  • Beginner-friendly curriculum
  • Clear explanations of Agile and Scrum concepts
  • Students will an opportunity to explore several insightful case studies.
  • Include as many as 300+ practice questions
  • Lifetime Access + 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Inexpensive ($20 or lower when on sale)
  • According to the reviews, many students manage to pass the PSM by taking this prep course alone.


  • Some students believe the pace is too fast, and the explanations of some terminologies should be more detailed.
  • The instructor’s writings are messy at times.

6. Scrum for Beginners + Scrum Master Certification Preparation

Suppose Mirko’s course is too concise for you. In this case, I suggest selecting this Udemy course from Valentin Despa instead.

The content of this course will be more informative than Mirko’s as it includes a separate section for terminologies and tools used in Agile and Scrum projects.

Course Content

This Udemy course is 6.5 hours long, covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to Agile and Scrum
  • Scrum Artifacts – Product Backlog, Sprints, Definition of Done
  • Scrum Events – Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Retrospective
  • Scrum Teams – Product Owner, Developer, Scrum Master, and their responsibilities
  • Waterfall model, Scrum theories, values, and uses
  • Scrum Scaling
  • Tools and terms used in Scrum projects
  • Other Agile frameworks
  • FAQs and Exam advice
  • and many more

Included in this course are also 240 practice questions and even more quizzes. Hence, once you complete the video lectures, you can practice right away without the need to buy another package.

Reviews: 4.7/5.0, Students: 54500+

Pros & Cons


  • Well-structured curriculum
  • Straightforward explanations with excellent graphical visuals
  • Feature multiple real-life scenarios
  • Include 240 practice questions and additional quizzes for students to prepare for the PSM I certification exam
  • After taking this course, many students passed the PSM I exam in a single attempt.
  • Lifetime Access + 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Inexpensive ($20 or lower when on sale)


  • Several students mentioned that the practice questions are more difficult than the actual exam.

Mock Exams for the PSM Certification Exam

All two Udemy courses have offered hundreds of practice questions. However, many students can still not be confident that they will handily pass the exam and would like to get more questions for practicing.

If that is the case, I suggest buying one or two of the following practice test/mock exam packages and completing as many as possible.



Unfortunately, I still cannot find decent practice test packages for the PSM III exam. I will update this section if I manage to find one.

All these practice tests and mock exams are available on Udemy. Hence, they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can ask for a full refund if you do not think they are helpful for exam preparation.

Best DASM Training Courses

7. Disciplined Agile Scrum Master by PMA

This training package by the Project Management Academy will delve into key Disciplined Agile concepts and prepare you for the upcoming DASM exam. If you are looking for all-in-one DASM training, this program is unarguably one of the best available.

DASM Program by PMA

Course Content

This program has the same course format as the CSM one. You will attend two 8-hour sessions (live online or in-person) where the instructor will go through all the concepts and provide reliable tips and techniques for the exam.

Below is a summary of what you will learn in the sessions:

  • Disciplined Agile Mindset and its underlying principles, such as pragmatism and the power of choice
  • Agile and Lean Fundamentals and how both can be instrumental in generating a business value
  • Relevant Scrum practices, Agile & Lean techniques and how to put them into action effectively.
  • How to apply Disciplined Agile Toolkit to find the best Way of Working (WoW) for your team operating in different scenarios

Once you enroll in the program, you will be able to access various learning resources, such as supplemental readings, exercises, and many more. You will then have a complete set of materials that can speed up your exam preparation and allow you to pass the exam with ease.

Price: $1195

Pros & Cons


  • Taught by a certified Scrum trainer with years of professional experience
  • Live Online Instructions
  • Guaranteed to run
  • The program is filled with various educational resources, including engaging activities, animations, supplemental readings, etc.
  • Include DASM exam fees
  • Offer 14 PDUs upon completion
  • Group training (at your facility) is available.


  • Costlier than other alternatives
  • Currently, only one opening is available for registration.
  • No Pass Guarantee

8. Live DASM Certification Classes Online by PMTraining

If the previous program does not impress you, you may want to consider this live training program from PMTraining instead.

Besides preparing you for the DASM exam, this program will explore various real-world Agile practices, allowing you to implement them in your projects right away.

Best DASM training program by PMTraining

Course Content

Below are the topics featured in the program:

  • Agile Foundations
  • Beyond Agile and Into Value Streams
  • Steps to build disciplined Agile teams
  • How to Choose Way of Working (WoW)
  • Best Practices: Inception, Construction, Transition, Ongoing
  • How to manage your influence beyond your team

All exam topics are grouped into nine modules. Each provides insights into Discipline Agile and relevant techniques. Thus, this program will equip you with the necessary skills for the exam and practical wisdom, mindsets, and expertise that can improve your project.

Regarding the class format, all classes are live online like the PMA, albeit PMTraining offers far more flexibility.

In other words, you can choose to attend classes on two Saturdays or spread the class time into four shorter sessions. Also, there will be three class dates to choose from within each month, making fitting into a busy schedule much more effortless.

Enrollment includes extensive online and offline study tools such as presentation slides, class manuals, and online exam simulation tools.

Furthermore, as true to other PMTraining programs, every student will have direct access to the instructor and the dedicated support team. You can then ask questions and request personalized exam advice. The learning experience will then rival 1-on-1 training.

The standard price tag for this program is $1495, but PMTraining always offers extra discounts. Most students enroll in this program by paying $1095-$1195.

Pros & Cons


  • Taught by two veteran Agile practitioners; one of them is a certified DASM who serves as a PMBOK reviewer.
  • Easy-to-follow curriculum
  • Offer an online and offline set of high-quality study materials
  • Include an exam pass guarantee
  • An official exam voucher is included in the course fees.
  • Provide 14 PDUs once you complete the entire program
  • Flexible class schedule
  • Offer direct instructor access to all students
  • Private training/tutoring is available upon request.


  • High standard price. Booking the program with discounts is recommended.

Best CSPO Training Courses

9. Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Training

This CSPO training by the Project Management Academy is unarguably one of the best prep training for candidates who want to become CSPO certified. You will learn from a team of well-versed instructors in Scrum and product development.

Best CSPO training courses

Course Content

The curriculum of this course reflects what you will be tested for in the CSPO exam. It will focus on Scrum Product Owner (PO) roles and responsibilities, including

  • Key competencies and responsibilities of a Scrum Product Owner
  • Tips, techniques, and best practices to work with Scrum team members, customers, stakeholders, etc.
  • Role of the product owner in creating a product vision and delivery strategy and defining product value
  • Identifying user needs and sizing in Scrum
  • Testing and validating product assumptions
  • Useful tools, tips, and techniques to develop and refine the product backlog

You will need 16 hours to complete the training. There are different course formats: Virtual classroom, in-person, or in-house. However, the final option is only open for group training with at least ten participants.

All programs listed on the sales page are guaranteed to run. Currently, the PMA offers the training once per month so that it can be fully booked in no time. If you are interested, do not hesitate to book it in advance.

Pros & Cons


  • Taught by a certified Scrum professional
  • Equipped with exercises and case studies based on the instructor’s experience in Scrum team management
  • Include facilitated discussions
  • All courses are guaranteed to run on the listed dates.
  • Students will earn 16 PDUs and SEUs after completing the program.
  • Various training options are available.


  • Inflexible class schedule

10. CSPO® Certification Training Course

This training course from Edureka is a promising option to consider if the PMA’s program cannot fit into your tight schedule.

Currently, Edureka offers multiple CSPO trainings every month, plus there are weekend sessions. Hence, you can find the session that you can attend comfortably.

CSPO Certification Training course by Edureka

Course Content

The program curriculum is organized into eight modules featuring the following key topics:

  • Scrum Basics – Scrum Flow, Scrum work culture, principles of empirical process control
  • Roles and Responsibilities of each member of the Scrum team
  • Product Vision
  • Estimation – Estimation levels in Scrum, the difference between estimating and committing, etc.
  • Product Backlog and Prioritizing
  • Release Management
  • Sprints

You will need to attend three 5-hour sessions to complete the program and earn your certification. Each session is 3 hours shorter than the PMA’s. Thus, you are far less likely to get overwhelmed by the amount of content you learn during class.

Important Note: Although you will not attend the session in person, you should choose the center near the place you live before enrolling. The reason is that Edureka’s CSPO training sessions are in different time zones.

For instance, if you live in the US, you should input the US as the country name so that the system can help you select the best session that best fits your timezone.

Price: $1259

Pros & Cons


  • Taught by a certified Scrum Master with years of experience in project management
  • Well-structured curriculum
  • Offer flexible batch selection for each region
  • Students will earn 16 PDUs and SEUs upon Scrum training completion
  • Lifetime access to the support team


  • Costly + No other training options are available.

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Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) – This certification proves that you are an expert in the scaled Agile framework and can lead the Lean-Agile transformation with confidence.

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