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4 Best Online Web Development Bootcamps for 2024

As we are in the world of websites and web applications, web development is unsurprisingly one of the best career options in the IT industry.

Many may want to start their web development journey by enrolling in self-paced online courses, which is an excellent option.

However, those courses may either cover only basic stuff or have no guarantee of success, so some students decided to look for other alternatives elsewhere.

Coding bootcamps are popular alternatives to online courses. However, if you are going to do it in an in-person setting, they usually cost you a hefty amount of money and up to 6 months of the whole normal working week.

You may also need to relocate to a major city where the bootcamps are situated, which will incur extra housing or living costs.

Therefore, most people, especially full-time employees, will not have the option of doing such training.

Fortunately, there is another fascinating alternative available, which is an online coding bootcamp.

Why Online Coding Bootcamp?

These bootcamps provide more flexibility for students. As all live classes will be in an online setting, you can learn comfortably from home, thus incurring no extra living or housing costs.

Furthermore, you can select the class time that matches your busy schedule. For instance, you can take classes only on weekday nights or weekends.

Regarding pricing, each online coding bootcamp has a different pricing structure. The best thing is some even allow you to “learn first, pay later,” you will pay only if you earn above a certain limit from a relevant job. Thus, you won’t need any troublesome student loans to pay tuition up front.

This post will include the 4 best online coding bootcamps that provide web development training based on my research. Since not all online coding bootcamps will fit everyone, I hope you select the one that most suits your needs.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post from Victory Tale contains affiliate links. We will receive a small commission from some online bootcamps if you decide to enroll in their program.

We always value integrity and prioritize our audience’s interests, so you can rest assured that all information in the post is presented truthfully.

Our Criteria for Best Online Web Development Bootcamps

Unlike other websites and blogs, Victory Tale never ranks products or services sequentially (for example, the first course may not be better than the 6th.)

This is because I believe students have their own needs or conditions. An excellent course for one student may not work for the other, so there is no best-for-all course.

However, I take into account these factors when I select courses or online bootcamps for the list.

  • 100% online bootcamp – The coding bootcamp must provide a 100% online learning experience. All classes have to be completed online. The list will include no in-person bootcamps.
  • Permanent Online Instructions – The bootcamp must offer permanent online instructions (those that offer online classes temporarily because of the pandemic will not be on the list.)
  • Excellent Reputation – I select only reputable online bootcamps with years of experience in providing an excellent learning experience.
  • Established curriculum – Every online bootcamp must have an excellent, well-established, and professionally built curriculum.
  • Qualified Instructors – Each programming bootcamp must have qualified instructors with years of experience in web development, software engineering, or related fields.
  • Value for money – The online coding bootcamp must provide good value for money. Therefore, costly ones will not stay on the list.
  • Student Reviews – Online bootcamps on this list must have at least 50 excellent reviews across top review sites, such as Course Report, Switchup, and Trustpilot.

I will also include the Pros and Cons of each web development bootcamp. It is vital to read them carefully. As all online bootcamps are expensive, it would be best to choose the best one that matches your skills, learning styles, and other needs.

1. Udacity

Udacity is unarguably one of the most popular online bootcamps available. I personally consider Udacity’s programs “mini online bootcamps.”

This is because Udacity breaks down all the skills usually taught in a single web development bootcamp into several Nanodegree programs (bootcamps.)

Udacity, one of the best online coding bootcamps

These Nanodegree programs are much shorter than typical online coding bootcamps offered by competitors. Undoubtedly, it is not possible to take only one Nanodegree program to become a qualified web developer.

You will need to enroll in several bootcamps to build a solid journey in web development.

However, I find this structure an asset, as you don’t need to pay for what you have already mastered. For example, if you already know web development basics (i.e., HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), you can start learning React.js directly, saving your time and costs.

Unlike other online bootcamps in this post, Udacity provides bootcamps for many fields besides web or software development, including but not limited to digital marketing, data analytics, UX/UI Design, and many more.

Bootcamp Structure

As indicated above, Udacity provides more than 30 or more tech programs (known as Nanodegrees) in total. Therefore, students can choose individual skills they want to master directly.

All Nanodegree classes are pre-recorded (not live-online), which can be both a pro and a con. You can not interact with your instructors, but you can learn at your own pace. Missing a class because of family obligations will not cause any problems.

Furthermore, though Udacity provides a recommended workload and pace, the program does not have a deadline or any restrictions on the pace at all. This means you can finish the program as fast as 1 month or as slow as 6 months.

I think this condition is excellent. Not many coding bootcamps provide such flexibility.

Udacity's school of programming and development
Udacity’s school of programming and development

Each Udacity Bootcamp has access to the following:

Assignments – All sections will have interactive quizzes, assignments, and real-life projects to strengthen your skills and knowledge.

Technical Mentor Support – You can ask your mentor anytime you get stuck on your project or do not understand the class material. Udacity claims that questions are answered in 50 minutes on average, which is very fast.

Unlimited Project Reviews/Feedback – You will receive unlimited personalized reviews and feedback from experts on all of your projects.

These experts will also give you excellent tips on best practices that you can utilize to advance your skillset.

Career Services – All online coding bootcamp graduates will gain access to the career services team. Experts will help you with resume writing, Github portfolio review, and LinkedIn profile optimization to comfortably receive numerous interview invitations from tech giants.


Regarding pricing, every Udacity Bootcamp will cost $399 per month, billed monthly. Alternatively, you can choose to pay upfront and receive a 15% discount. Hence, you will pay $339 monthly on average.

However, students who pay upfront cannot pause the program, while those who pay monthly can. Therefore, it is vital to consider these two options carefully and select the one that matches your schedule.

If you are a fast learner and certain that you can complete the entire program within 1-2 months, it would be best to choose the monthly billing option and pay much lower tuition.

In addition, Udacity frequently offers discounts and financial support. These could reduce the tuition up to 75% or more! Based on my experience, it is possible that you will pay only $100 per month.

Creating an account to access personalized discounts

Next, let’s look at some of the Udacity bootcamps I found beneficial for those who want to pursue web development careers.

Recommended Udacity Web Development Bootcamps

1.1) Introduction to Programming

The first bootcamp for those who are completely new to programming. It will help you build coding skills from scratch.

Introduction to Programming by Udacity
Introduction to Programming by Udacity

The summary of the curriculum is as follows.

  • Intro to HTML
  • Intro to CSS
  • Intro to Python
  • Intro to JavaScript

Besides quizzes and minor interactive assignments, you will also complete a real-life project for each section, including creating animal trading cards, an adventure game, and a pixel art maker.

Hence, you will understand both the theories and obtain hands-on experience. Upon completion, you will think, reason, and solve problems like a programmer.

The skills learned from this program will be a robust foundation for more advanced courses in software development, data science, and web development.

The workload for this online coding bootcamp is 10 hours per week on average, which is low compared to bootcamps from other providers. At this pace, you will finish the program in 4 months.

Tuition: $249 monthly

1.2) Front End Web Developer

This program will expand your knowledge of basic web development learned in the first program and guide you through the rest of front-end web development.

The prerequisite of this program is basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you have taken the first program, I think that will suffice.

Frontend Web Developer by Udacity

What you will learn from the program is as follows.

  • CSS and Website Layout – You will learn how to create a beautiful, responsive website using HTML, CSS, and other advanced techniques, including CSS Grid and Flexbox
  • JavaScript and the DOM – You will use JavaScript to control your website, learn more about Document Object Model (DOM), and how to use DOM to manage page content and interactions.
  • Web APIs and Asynchronous Applications – You will set up Node.js and Express.js to develop your apps on the local machine, handle HTTP requests and dynamically modify website elements.
  • Build Tools, Webpack, and Service Worker – The last section will teach you to build tools such as Webpack to perform automated build tasks. You will also learn about using service workers to cache server data and website functionality.

Throughout the program, there will be several projects waiting for you to test your skills. For example, you will manually create a dynamic landing page for marketing purposes.

In addition, this program has a capstone project for you to complete at the end. To be specific, you will build an online travel app from scratch on your own. You can use any API you want and have complete freedom in designing the user interface.

The workload of this course is 5-10 hours per week, which is much lighter than the average online coding bootcamp. At this pace, the estimated time to completion is 4 months. However, I think ardent students can finish it much faster.

Tuition: $249 monthly

1.3) Intermediate JavaScript

This brand new bootcamp from Udacity will help improve your JavaScript skills, which are essential for developing websites or web applications. You will need to know basic JavaScript before starting the program. However, if you complete the first program, that would suffice.

Intermediate JavaScript by Udacity
Intermediate JavaScript by Udacity

What you will learn from the program is as follows:

  • Object-Oriented JavaScript – You will learn object-oriented programming in JavaScript and know how to write reuseable code and create more advanced web applications
  • Functional JavaScript – You will learn the concepts of functional JavaScript and modern JavaScript syntax and apply them to your application.
  • Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript – You will understand how to handle asynchronous events in JavaScript and be comfortable writing and reasoning in asynchronous patterns.

The projects for this program sound exciting to me. You will create a user-generated infographic, a Mars Rover dashboard, and a racing game.

All of these will help you obtain hands-on experience and put your new JavaScript skills into use.

Udacity recommends spending 10 hours per week on the program, and you will complete it in 3 months.

Total Tuition: $249 monthly

1.4) Full Stack JavaScript Developer

JavaScript is the essence of web development. This Udacity program will teach you the skills you need for full-stack web development in JavaScript.

Upon completion, you will be able to comfortably use JavaScript in managing the front-end and the back-end of the web app and connect your web app to a database like a software engineer does in real life.

Full Stack JavaScript Developer by Udacity

The summary of the program content is as follows:

  • Backend Development with Node.js – The first section will teach you how to build a scalable API using Node and Express. You will also learn to use Typescript to reduce errors and perform unit testing with Jasmine.
  • Creating an API with PostgreSQL and Express – You will learn about database basics, architecture, CRUD Operations, and other relevant topics. Then you will create a stable and secure RESTful API from scratch using modern tools that JavaScript developers use every day.
  • Angular Fundamentals – You will tackle the Angular framework, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, to build the Single Page Application (SPA.) You will learn the theories and best practices and then use them by expanding and enriching an Angular app and building one from scratch.
  • Deploying Process – After you finish dealing with the front-end, back-end, and database, it is time to deploy your app. You will learn to build the production environment and automate the code deployment process to it.

Projects for this course will be more complicated than prior programs. You will build two APIs, a SPA, and deploy the app on AWS.

The weekly commitment for the program is 10 hours. You will complete the program in 4 months at this pace. As usual, gifted students learn much faster and can finish it in a much shorter time.

However, the content in this program is much more complex than the former ones. Therefore, I do not think rushing is a great idea. Instead, it will be much better to use your time in practice to understand the content by heart.

Tuition: $249 per month

Other Online Coding Bootcamps

In addition to the four Nanodegree programs I recommend above, Udacity has other programs that you may want to consider.

  • Data Structures & Algorithms – Learn the concepts of computer science fundamentals, which will help you handle coding interviews with ease.
  • React – React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. It is instrumental in creating high-performance web apps.
  • Full Stack Web Developer – This program will teach you how to build database-backed APIs and web applications, manage user authentication, and use innovative container technologies.
  • iOS Development – Learn the Swift language and build iOS apps on your own

Pros and Cons



      2. Coding Dojo

      Coding Dojo is a highly-ranked coding school that offers both onsite and online bootcamp options. If you are looking for a comprehensive, live online program that will build a solid foundation for your web development career, I believe Coding Dojo will definitely be one of your top choices.

      Coding Dojo's Software Development Bootcamp
      Coding Dojo’s Software Development Bootcamp

      Bootcamp Structure

      Coding Dojo has three online programs for students to choose from as follows.

      • Full-Time Software Development (14 Weeks, Workload: 70-90 hours per week)
      • Flex Part-Time Software Development (28 Weeks, Workload: 10-15 hours per week)
      • Accelerated Part-Time Software Development (16-32 Weeks, Workload: 25-35 hours per week)

      Besides study time and workload, the difference among these three plans lies in the depth of the curriculum.

      First, please take a look at the entire curriculum below. Essentially, the curriculum is web fundamentals and three full stacks.

      1. Programming Basics – You will learn about the basics of website structure, including web interface, DOM, and coding tools such as VS Code.
      2. Web Fundamentals – You will start building programming skills by learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. You will build the user interface on your own from scratch and add animations to it.
      3. Python Full Stack – You will learn Python programming and relevant technologies, including MySQL and relational databases, Flask, Ajax, and other Python MVC frameworks. Regarding the projects, you will build an e-commerce website, a data web scraper, and add a user authentication feature to your website.
      4. MERN Full Stack – This course will deep dive into MERN, one of the most popular web development stacks. You will learn MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, which will allow you to build a social media website, online marketplace and add live chat features to your website.
      5. Java Full Stack – The last stack in the program will cover Java Programming, including JVM, Spring Framework, other frameworks, and design patterns. You will build an event planning app, music playlists app, or any app of your own choice.

      The instructors will teach all the parts live online. Thus, students can freely ask questions and interact with their classmates.

      The full-time option will include all five parts of the curriculum. You will learn all five parts in 14 weeks.

      The Flex option will only include Part 1-3, while the accelerated option is customizable. The last two stacks are optional. You can choose whether to include it in your program.

      Many prospective students may wonder if it is worth learning the last two stacks. My answer is “Yes.” especially if you want a top-tier career in web development and software engineering.

      This reason is Part 4 of the program is the essence of modern web development. You will be able to create elementary web apps with minimal features if you do not master the MERN stack.

      For Part 5, Java is a versatile language and has tons of extra features to build different types of apps. Learning Java will significantly expand your development capabilities, especially if you want to build enterprise web applications requiring scalability.

      Additional Services

      All students enrolled in any of Coding Dojo’s online coding bootcamps will access these services as follows:

      • Recorded Session – Every session is recorded. So if you miss any class, you can watch the recorded lectures of the last session on the platform.
      • Office Hours – You can access your instructors during office hours. They will explain the concepts you get stuck on and answer your questions.
      • Feedback and Review Sessions – The interactive platform will provide instant feedback on coding exercises, while you can schedule a review session with your instructor to receive feedback on milestone projects.
      • Community – You can access the discord community, where the teaching assistants will help answer questions.
      • Lifetime Virtual Career Services – Included with the bootcamp is excellent job placement assistance, including one-on-one mentorship, job search, mock interviews, virtual workshop. This service lasts for a lifetime, although you have already graduated.


      Below is the tuition for each web development bootcamp.

      • Full-time – $15995
      • Flex Part-time – $7995
      • Accelerated Part-time – $7995, $11995 or 15995 (depending on the number of stacks)

      Regarding pricing, there are several methods available for students to pay for the program.

      • Pay in full – $250 off the tuition
      • Pay in two installments (Students pay 50% on the first half, and the rest on the second half of the program)
      • Income Share Agreement – Pay none, only pay if you receive a salary from your qualified web development job.
      • Loans by Ascent Funding
      • Affirm (Buy now, pay later)

      However, if you click on the button below, you will get an extra $500 off tuition!

      Pros and Cons



          3. Altcademy

          Altcademy is an online-only bootcamp that focuses on teaching students to become professional programmers or web developers without them breaking the bank.

          If you are looking for a comprehensive online coding bootcamp, Altcademy is 100% worth your consideration.


          Bootcamp Structure

          Altcademy’s flagship bootcamp is the Full-stack web development program. You will learn both the front-end, back-end, and lastly, how to deploy your finished web application.

          The program consists of 7 courses as follows.

          1. HTML CSS Development – This course will teach the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. You will learn about HTML structure, styling with CSS, and finally, use Bootstrap 4 and Flexbox to create a responsive website.

          2. JavaScript Programming – You will learn JavaScript basic operations, this programming language’s prototypical structure, and drill deeper by building reusable programs

          3. Dynamic Website Development – You will explore the relationship between JavaScript and the browser and understand how to use JavaScript to make changes to HTML and CSS and insert interactivity to the website.

          In addition, you will use Ajax to retrieve data from external APIs, a process which allows developers to build dynamic web apps.

          4. ReactJS Development – You will start by learning how to run the Node.js server locally, use the NPM library, and then add React features to existing projects. The instructors will also explain React concepts and JavaScript ES6 in detail, so you will be comfortable using React in building a single page application (SPA.)

          5. Ruby Programming – You will learn Ruby, the programming language used as the backend of your web apps. You will drill deep into object-oriented programming and native methods to write advanced, reusable programs.

          6. Ruby on Rails – You will learn Rails, a popular Ruby framework, the MVC structure, and create a simple RESTful API. Furthermore, you will interact with the database using Active Record, create Models with migrations, and write tests to perform automatic testing.

          7. Full Stack Deployment – The final course in the program will explain how to incorporate your React frontend into Rails and fully deploy your finished app.

          It’s vital to note that, unlike most coding bootcamps, all Altcademy courses are text-based. You will learn mostly by reading and completing assignments, including guided labs, unit quizzes, coding exercises, and real world projects.

          Regarding assignments, some of the basic ones will be graded by the system, while mentors will provide feedback on and grade complicated ones.

          Students spend 500 hours on average to finish the entire program. However, the program has no expiration date that limits your access, so you can freely set your own learning pace and come back to review any time.

          Still, Altcademy provides recommended spending 5-10 hours for 25-50 weeks. The workload is thus on par with Udacity’s nanodegree programs.

          In addition, all students will gain access to the following services:

          • Instant Ask and Chat – You can post questions on the platform. The team will answer every question you may have while learning.
          • Code Reviews – Mentors will review all your code and provide insightful advice to strengthen your skills and recommend best practices.


          Altcademy has a straightforward pricing structure. There are two plans for students to choose from as follows.

          • Immersive – $1190
          • Personalized Career Path – $1670

          The immersive plan will get all the learning resources and services I mentioned above. However, if you choose the premium plan (more information on the pricing section below), you will also gain access to

          • 7 hours of 1-on-1 mentorship – You can schedule a private video call with the mentors. Thus, you can freely ask questions, ask for advice on projects, and receive real-time support when you get stuck in the code.
          • Career Guidance – Altcademy team will review your resume, Github portfolio, and social profile and provide valuable suggestions to improve them. They will also assist you in your job search, provide technical training for coding interviews, and finally set up mock interviews for you to be ready on that big day.

          Though the Personalized Career Path plan is much more expensive than the Immersive Plan, I think it is worth subscribing to, especially if you have just started your coding journey or learned programming languages.

          Based on my experience, without professional support, you will face the problem that is a major obstacle that prevents many from successfully learning coding and web development.

          To be specific, you can get stuck in coding problems or concepts and completely lose your motivation to continue learning, especially if you take a text-based program like Altcademy. As a result, you may give up and end up losing time and money to no avail.

          Furthermore, complete career guidance is also an excellent add-on. You can be certain that all parts of your applications match industry standards, so you are much more likely to receive a job offer from large tech companies.

          Pros and Cons



              4. Hack Reactor

              Hack Reactor is one of the leading coding bootcamps that provides various types of training. The school offers both onsite and online bootcamps.

              As of 2021, Hack Reactor offers a robust software engineering program and shorter bootcamps on different tech skills, including data structures and algorithms, Computer Architecture + Internet of Things, and many more.

              Hence, if you are looking for a reliable Bootcamp to start learning coding and web development, Hack Reactor would certainly be on the radar.

              Hack Reactor

              Bootcamp Structure

              Regarding software engineering bootcamp, you can choose between full-time or part-time options.

              Both will use the same curriculum, but the full-time bootcamp will certainly be more fast-paced and intense. You will complete the entire curriculum within 3 months, compared to the part-time option that will take over 9 months.

              The instructions for the program will be a mixture of self-study (pre-recorded videos/texts/exercises) and live online instructions. Below is the simplified structure of the Hack Reactor curriculum.

              • Precourse – This section of the curriculum is designed for self-studying. You will learn computer science fundamentals, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics, Git, Terminal, and many more on your own. Most students spend at least 90 hours completing the Precourse.
              • Immersive Program – This program is 12-week long. You will learn live online with instructors. Topics include computer science fundamentals, full-stack JavaScript (essentially MERN Stack), and working with your team on application design.
              • Career Services – Hack Reactor will assist you in finding the right job. In addition to your profile review, they will provide technical interview preparation, mock interviews, salary negotiation, and many other soft skills training to ensure you are the candidate that top tech companies desire.


              There are two main options to pay for tuition as follows.

              • Pay Upfront – $17,980
              • Income Share Agreement (ISA) – See below (eligible only for US Students)

              Hack Reactor’s ISA is straightforward. You will need to deposit $2000, and You will pay the remaining tuition for the online coding bootcamp after you get a relevant job and earn more than $60,000 per year.

              When the ISA is effective, 10% of your monthly income will be deducted until the sum of payments reach $22372, which may take 45 months if you earn $60000.

              Hence, it will cost more for those who pay the tuition through the ISA. However, the great thing is that it opens the door for those who cannot afford to pay the tuition upfront.

              I think Hack Reactor’s ISA is modest but far from being the best. Many other online coding bootcamps’ ISA does not require a deposit and provide more student-friendly conditions.

              Pros and Cons



                  Other Online Bootcamps to Consider

                  Below are some of the other online coding bootcamps that you may want to consider if you are interested in web development.

                  Lambda School – Lambda School provides bootcamps for those interested in full-stack web development and data science. Their programs used to be one of the best.

                  However, the recent quality of instruction seems to go downhill during the last six months, as many students report significant curriculum changes and other issues. Thus, it is vital to make sure that things have improved before enrolling.

                  Flatiron School – Flatiron School provides highly-ranked software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity bootcamps. However, as of 2021, the school does not have an ISA. You will need to pay upfront, pay in installments or pay with a loan.

                  The Tech Academy – The Tech Academy offers various bootcamps on many tech skills, including software development, data science, game development, UI/UX Design and many more.

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