Software5 Best AI Website Builders (No-Code) for 2024

5 Best AI Website Builders (No-Code) for 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now used in various fields such as healthcare, computer vision, finance, education, business, marketing, and, indeed, no-code web development.

The idea of creating a website without writing a single line of code using artificial intelligence might sound like a scam. However, it has become a reality now with AI website builders.

With such powerful builders, you can build a fantastic online store or a blog on your own without the need to learn programming languages for the web, which are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Furthermore, you don’t need to hire freelance web designers, as the entire process is straightforward and takes less than an hour.

Still, not all AI website builders are worth using. Many might do more harm than good. Thus, I decided to do the heavy lifting for you. This post will feature only the best AI website builders that you can use to build your website worry-free.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post from Victory Tale contains affiliate links. If you subscribe to AI website builders, we will receive a small commission from its providers.

Nevertheless, we always value integrity and prioritize our audience’s interests. You can rest assured that we will present all tools truthfully.

Traditional vs. AI Website Builder vs. WordPress

If you want to build an excellent website on your own without programming knowledge, you are left with three main options as follows:

  1. Traditional Website Builders, i.e., Shopify, Wix, Squarespace
  2. AI Website Builders
  3. WordPress

Traditional and AI website builders share almost all qualities and creation processes. The platform will create templates for users who will then customize and edit all the web pages. Once users are done editing, the website will be ready for launch.

The main thing that differs is that AI website builders will provide additional beneficial web design and development features. These features can further beautify your website, smoothen the workflow, and many more.

For example, AI might create personalized templates from scratch. Thus, your website’s appearance will look distinct from others and glamorous, while those created by traditional no-code website builders can look very similar to one another and dull.

WordPress is another story. Although you can create an excellent website without coding, you will need to subscribe to a hosting service and learn some technical stuff (unless you use 10Web, see #5 below).

Furthermore, if you have a low hosting budget (less than $30 per month), you will need to solve most problems on your own, including malware removal, optimization, etc. This could be challenging for beginners.

Thus, I would say WordPress is less beginner-friendly than both types of website builders.

Does this mean AI website builders are the best?

Unfortunately, the answer is “No.”

AI website builders have their drawbacks. The most important of all is that they are nascent. Add-ons and features are under development. Thus, they could be too few to customize your website properly.

In contrast, users of well-established traditional website builders and WordPress can add any feature they can think of to their website.

Therefore, if you want to build a complex online store or blog, in the long run, it may be better to use WordPress or traditional website builders such as Shopify instead.

Alternatively, suppose your goal is to build a straightforward business website just to provide information to prospective clients and nurture leads or a small online store to sell few products. You will not need those flashy features at all.

Hence, AI website builders would be excellent. Their features would be adequate in providing some customization. Your website will be fast and running properly. Furthermore, you can always rely on the support team to resolve all the issues.

Let’s see what the best AI website builders you should use are.

1. Bookmark

Bookmark is one of the pioneers that utilizes the power of AI in website building. With Bookmark, entrepreneurs can get their business online within minutes.

Bookmark is one of the best AI website builders

AiDA Website Builder

Bookmark’s AI, named AiDA, will be responsible for all your website design and creation tasks on the platform. How to use AiDA is straightforward as follows.

After creating a free account and logging in, you will need to fill out the long survey. Back in 2020, the survey used to be much shorter. However, Bookmark has added many more questions, which is excellent because the more detailed the information you provide, the better website AI creates.

First, AiDA will inquire about the category of your business. You can choose the one that best represents yours. For example, I selected “Accommodation” as below.

Input Business category to AI website builder

Subsequently, you will need to input your website name, logo, and business details or connect with Facebook to import the data.

Input Website Name

Furthermore, you can add your social media links for AiDA to include them automatically on your website.

Adding Business Info

As a next step, you will need to specify your website goals. This information is important as it will add relevant pages to your website.

Subsequently, AiDA will also inquire about additional website features you want to add. These will include a custom blog, an online store, or bookings & reservations. You can choose to include all three or ignore them altogether.

Finally, you can then select your website theme, structure, and images that you believe are suitable for your website.

Tip: You are not required to answer all survey questions. You can skip any if you still cannot decide. Skipping will not cause any issues, as you can later use the manual editor to add, remove or edit every element.

However, I highly suggest doing so, as this information helps AiDA design personalized website structures more accurately.

Once you are done with the survey, AiDA will start creating your website. The entire process will take no more than 3-5 minutes. Your fully functional website will be ready for manual editing.

AI Website Builder finishing its work

The next step you need to do here is to evaluate the web design. If you are unsatisfied, you can order AiDA to recreate the website. AiDA will use the information from the survey that you completed. Hence, you don’t need to answer them again.

In my case, the website is beautiful. It looks professional. However, manual editing is still necessary.

Suppose you are satisfied with the design. You can then use the drag and drop editor to modify any element on the website, including text, color, images, etc. You can also add features or even new pages as you wish.

Still, if you are a beginner in website building, I recommend following AiDA checklists and guides on the right. They are highly beneficial in helping you manage your website and successfully publish them.

The final step is to publish your fabulous website so that everyone can see it. You can publish your website for free, but it will use Bookmark’s subdomain (i.e., and come with Bookmark branding.

Both make your website look unprofessional. Thus, you should not use the Free plan for your business. Instead, you should subscribe to a paid plan to use a custom domain (i.e., and remove all Bookmark branding.

In addition, all paid plans will come with numerous features that you can use to enhance website quality, including the following.

Other Key Features

eCommerce features – Bookmark offers a complete set of eCommerce features, which help small business owners handily build their first online stores. These features include but are not limited to

  • Mobile POS
  • Inventory Management
  • Discounted Coupons
  • Product Reviews

With these features, you can handily create an excellent small online store. However, as mentioned above, these features are too basic and inadequate for large stores.

Daily Website Backup – Bookmark will create a full daily backup of your website. Thus, you can make changes with no worries.

Website Translation – You can use this feature to translate your website into three languages automatically.

Free SSL Certificate – All plans include an SSL certificate, which will enhance your website’s reputation and security

Cloud Hosting – Using Bookmark will not require another hosting service. Bookmark will host your website on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, unarguably one of the best cloud hosting available. Hence, your website will be fast and stable with almost no downtime.

Advanced Analytics – Bookmark provides built-in analytics that you can use to evaluate the performance of your website. You can also install Google Analytics or other website analytics software for more data.

Free Domain and Email – All paid plan users will receive a free business email and domain. I think these free assets are decent, as both could cause difficulties if you want to migrate your website away from Bookmark in the future.

Thus, in my opinion, it would be better if you use a third-party domain (Google Domains or Cloudflare) and business email (GSuite or MicrosoftBusiness) and connect them to your Bookmark site.

Online Courses – Bookmark provides comprehensive training for beginners to build stunning websites, optimize them for search engine optimization, and generate more conversions and sales from web traffic.


Apart from the free plan, Bookmark now offers two paid plans (all pricing below is for yearly billing).

  • Professional – $11.99 per month
  • Business – $24.99 per month

Both plans are essentially similar. They gain access to all core features and unlimited bandwidth and storage.

The Business plan provides access to eCommerce features, allowing you to build a store for your online business. The best thing is Bookmark does not charge any transaction fees. This is excellent as Shopify charges as high as 2%.

If you plan to build a business website or a blog, you should subscribe to the Professional plan, as you will not need eCommerce features at all.

For those who are unsure whether Bookmark is right for your business, you can create an account to use Bookmark’s AI website free of charge.

Pros and Cons



      2. Zyro

      Zyro is an intelligent website builder equipped with numerous AI tools at your disposal. The company claims to be a Swiss army knife of website and an online store building.

      Zyro, an excellent AI website builder

      AI Website Builder

      You have two options to create a website with Zyro as follows.

      • Use a template – This option is similar to using a traditional website builder. Just select a suitable template and customize the text, images, and features.
      • Use an AI website generator – The second option is to use an AI website generator. The entire process is similar to that of Bookmark.

      Let’s see how Zyro’s AI website generator works.

      Options to create a website

      First of all, you will need to fill out the questionnaire. Zyro will inquire about your business, the type of website you want, preferred styles, and other relevant information.

      Zyro's Questionnaire

      Within a minute or so, Zyro will come up with three web designs for you to choose from. You can choose the one that best suits your preference. If you are unsatisfied with all three, you can use AI website builder to generate your website again.

      Zyro provides three options to select from

      Suppose you are now satisfied with the design. You can use the drag-and-drop editor to edit your website. The platform allows complete customization. Thus, you can modify any element and add pages or features that you need.

      Editing the website

      Regarding AI website builder, I would say the quality of the website it creates is excellent. However, its questionnaire to gather user information is shorter than Bookmark’s.

      Therefore, it is much less likely for Zyro to generate the one that fully satisfies all your needs. You will need to spend more time editing your website.

      AI Tools

      These features make Zyro shine among AI website builders. The platform is fully equipped with AI tools that will perform multiple tasks for your website and business, saving you time and budget in the process.

      AI Logo Maker – Zyro’s AI Logo Maker will design a logo for your business for free. The maker itself is effortless to use. You just need to input your brand name, select the template, and your logo will be ready in a minute.

      AI Logo Maker

      You will fully own a copyright license for the logo. Thus, you can use it freely in any commercial means.

      AI Writer – Zyro has a top-notch AI Writer which functions similarly as AI content generators. The AI will generate original content for you to add to the website and blog.

      You can even specify the category so that the content generated will be more relevant. However, you have to fact-check your content before using it, as AI is highly likely to generate text with blatant factual errors.

      AI Image Resizer/Upscaler – Zyro has a built-in AI tool that can resize and upgrade the resolution of any image to fit your website needs. Thus, you don’t need any other third-party software to do so.

      AI Business Name/Slogan/Blog Title Generator – If you are looking for a fantastic business name, slogan, or blog title but still cannot think of the right one, you can use this AI tool to generate them automatically.

      AI Heatmap – This AI tool will predict the top spots that your future visitors will interact with. Thus, you can optimize those to improve the conversion rate of your website.

      With these revolutionary features, Zyro unarguably emerges as the best website builder that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence.

      Additional Features

      eCommerce features – Zyro has several eCommerce features that assist you in building an online store, including the following

      • Order and Inventory Management
      • Shipping and Tax Management
      • Discount Coupons and Gift Cards
      • Cart Abandonment Recovery
      • Payment Options

      Although there are not as many features as Shopify’s, you can build a reliable online store with Zyro. Furthermore, Zyro will not charge any transaction fee at all.

      Integrations – Your Zyro site can integrate with third-party software and platforms, including Google Analytics, Facebook Chat, Hotjar. Thus, you can add numerous features to provide customer service, nurture leads, track website performance, and many more to your website.

      Cloud Hosting – Your website will be hosted on cloud servers, which guarantees fast and stable browsing for all your visitors.

      Free Domain – Zyro will provide a free domain without any charge for the first year.

      SSL Certificate – All websites created with Zyro will receive an SSL certificate to improve the security and SEO (as Google prefers HTTPS.)

      24/7 Technical Support – Zyro’s team will solve all technical issues on your website. Thus, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.


      As an AI website builder, Zyro’s features are innovative and plentiful. However, this does not mean that Zyro is pricey. In fact, Zyro’s pricing is affordable, thus highly suitable for entrepreneurs.

      Below are the pricing plans that Zyro now offers to prospective customers.

      • Basic – $8.90 per month
      • Unleashed – $10.90 per month
      • eCommerce – $19.90 per month
      • eCommerce Plus – $25.90 per month

      Currently, Zyro now offers a 60% discount. Thus, you can get a plan at an unbelievable price.

      Zyro Pricing

      If you want to create a business website or a blog, you should skip the Basic plan and subscribe to the Unleashed plan instead.

      The reason is that the Basic plan offers only 1GB of storage and 3GB of Bandwidth. Both are undoubtedly inadequate if your website continues to grow. Furthermore, the plan does not provide a free domain or access to web analytics tools.

      Thus, you should pay an extra $2 per month and subscribe to the Unleashed plan. This plan does not have a limit on storage or bandwidth at all. Furthermore, you will be able to access all essential features, allowing for more customization of your site.

      Higher plans are for those who want to open an eCommerce store. Though Zyro does not collect a transaction fee, its integrations are too few and will limit your store’s capability.

      Unless you plan to expand your website or would like to keep it simple, I believe Shopify, with all of its abundant integrations, is still a better option than Zyro.

      Pros and Cons



          3. Jimdo

          Jimdo is a German-based AI website builder and a formidable rival to both Bookmark and Zyro. With Jimdo, you can build an engaging website in a few minutes.

          AI Website Builder

          Jimdo functions similarly to both Bookmark and Zyro. Once you have answered a few questions related to your business and website preferences, Jimdo will start working on your websites. Within less than a minute, Jimdo will come up with two options to choose from.

          Based on my initial observation, the AI-generated web design is beautiful and professional. You can then utilize the drag-and-drop editor to customize it.

          Jimdo Example Website

          I appreciate how Jimdo offers a pre-built form for essential legal pages such as Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy that you can add to your site in one click. Thus, your website will be compliant with GDPR and CCPA standards from day one.

          Adding a Privacy Policy page

          The only drawback is that, unlike Bookmark and Zyro, most Jimdo editing tools are hidden as default. I somehow got lost when I first opened the editor. I need to spend some time figuring out how it works.

          Hence, I would say the editor could be more user-friendly if it displays most, if not all, of the tools.

          Subsequently, you can publish your website. Jimdo allows you to publish for free. However, you will need a paid plan if you want to use a custom domain.

          Additional Features

          eCommerce features – Jimdo is equipped with various features that allow its users to build stunning online stores, including

          • Product Variants/Product Layouts
          • Strikethrough Prices
          • Social Marketing/Selling
          • Discount Codes
          • Payment methods (Paypal/Stripe) Integration

          I would say these features are decent and adequate for small stores. However, if you plan to build large stores, I think Bookmark and Zyro with more features are better alternatives.

          Social Marketing – You can connect your Jimdo site with Facebook to reach new visitors.

          Contact Form – Jimdo provides a contact form to gather user information that you can use further in your marketing campaigns.

          Advanced SEO – Jimdo’s innovative technology automatically fills your SEO settings. Furthermore, Jimdo will also provide easy-to-follow instructions to optimize your site.

          Free Domain – Jimdo provides a free custom domain for the first year.

          SSL Certificate – All sites created by Jimdo will receive a free SSL certificate to increase the security of your website.

          Email Support – You can contact Jimdo’s support by sending them an email. Their response time is 4-5 hours to two business days. I consider this a big drawback for Jimdo, as all its competitors offer timely 24/7 support via live chats.


          Jimdo has two separate pricing structures for a regular website and an online store as follows (all pricing is for annual plans):


          • Free
          • Start – $9 per month
          • Grow – $15 per month

          Regarding features, the Start plan provides access to all basic features and a free custom domain. The Grow plan will add priority support, advanced SEO, and social marketing on top of it.

          I would say the Start plan is worth subscribing to for most small business websites. However, the Growth plan with several limitations (see below) is quite expensive, as you can get a much better deal from Bookmark and Zyro.

          Online Store

          • Basic – $15 per month
          • Business – $19 per month
          Jimdo Pricing Online Store

          The Basic plan only allows you to create an online store with almost no eCommerce features. For example, you will not provide product variants or use social marketing. With such limitations, it will be difficult or even impossible for your store to grow.

          Thus, if you want to use Jimdo, you should skip the Basic plan and subscribe to the Business plan. At $4 extra per month, you will gain access to all eCommerce features.

          However, even the Business plan may not be worth subscribing to, since Jimdo puts a limit on storage, bandwidth, and website pages, while most other website builders don’t.

          Even the most expensive plan (the Business plan) grants only 15 GB of bandwidth, 20 GB of storage, and 50 website pages.

          These resources will be inadequate if your blog or online store becomes more prominent in the long run (For example, mine uses more than 120GB of bandwidth per month.)

          If that’s the case, you will need to migrate away from Jimdo, which will be a frustrating experience or even a risk for your business.

          In my opinion, Jimdo only fits for building a small business website that you are sure will not attract tens of thousands of monthly visitors. Otherwise, building your website or online store by using other AI website builders or WordPress would be a much better idea.

          Pros and Cons



              4. Weblium

              Weblium is another website builder that utilizes AI technology to build fully functional websites. The platform’s simplicity and effectiveness have won the hearts of many users.

              Weblium, one of the best AI website builders

              Website Builder

              Weblium does not use AI technology in website creation as extensively as Bookmark, Zyro, or Jimdo. You will select and edit pre-built templates as you did with traditional website builders.

              After completing a short survey, you will be able to select from more than 300 pre-built templates. You can choose any template and start editing right away.

              Choosing a template

              Many may ask, “Where is the AI?”

              Smart Design Supervisor – Mostly, Weblium uses AI technology to help users in the editing process. As you edit templates and blocks, you will realize that website visuals such as spacing, font sizes, and line lengths adjust accordingly.

              Thus, AI will smoothen your workflow. You don’t have to spend time adjusting those other elements at all and save hours of your valuable time.

              After you have done editing, the next step is to publish the website. You can publish your site for free. However, this is again not recommended as your website will use Weblium’s subdomain. You should then subscribe to the paid plans to use a custom domain.

              Additional Features

              Cloud Hosting – All Weblium sites will be hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP.) This will ensure that the performance is top-notch. Your website will be fast and stable.

              Responsive – Your website that comes from the Weblium pipeline is responsive. Thus, its appearance will be perfect throughout every device.

              Integrations – Weblium websites can integrate with numerous marketing tools and third-party software (both native and through Zapier). Thus, you can easily track your website performance and add unlimited features such as contact forms, live chats, and many more.

              SSL Security Certificate – All Weblium websites come with SSL, providing extra security and safeguarding your reputation.

              24/7 Technical Support – You can access the support team 24/7. If you have problems with your website, you can reach them at any time.

              Free Domain – Weblium will give you a free custom domain. However, you still need to pay domain fees for the next year.

              Note!: Unlike other best website builders, Weblium does not provide any eCommerce features. Therefore, you can only build basic websites, such as a business website or a simple blog, at this point.


              Besides the Free plan, Weblium now offers two pricing plans as follows.

              • Pro – starting at $8.25 per month for annual plans
              • Landing Pro – $196 lifetime
              Weblium Pricing

              The Pro plan provides access to all the features. There is no limit to web storage and bandwidth. Feel free to create the business website that you want to.

              I believe most users should subscribe to the Pro plan and avoid the Landing Pro plan altogether.

              Suppose you use the Landing Pro plan. You cannot build more than three pages on a single website. Thus, this condition will limit your website’s potential significantly.

              Alternatively, if you want to subscribe to the plan to create landing pages, I think there are much better landing page builders available. Thus, I don’t think anyone should subscribe to this plan at all.

              You can use Weblium for free for 14 days.

              Pros and Cons



                  5. 10Web

                  10Web is entirely different from the others on this list. Its AI can recreate any existing website on WordPress so that website owners can migrate their websites from traditional website builders such as Squarespace or Wix to WordPress without any hassles.

                  Alternatively, 10Web can smoothen the WordPress installation and setup process for new website owners. Thus, the platform can be an excellent option for novice and experienced users alike.

                  AI Website Builder with WordPress

                  After logging in, you will choose between these two options:

                  • Create a Brand New WordPress website
                  • Automated Migration

                  The first option is for new users who have never owned a WordPress website before, while the second is for those who already own a WordPress website but want to migrate to faster hosting.

                  I am going to select the first option in this review.

                  First, you will need to select a data center for your website. I recommend selecting the one that is nearest to your audience’s location. For example, if your audience is mostly American, you should select a US data center.

                  Subsequently, 10Web will install WordPress automatically for you. This will be done in less than a minute. You will then reach the page that offers multiple options for website building.

                  You can build your website with the following options:

                  Use 10Web AI Builder – 10Web’s AI will use any website as a reference and recreate that same website on WordPress. All you need to do is insert the URL of the website, and the AI will do the rest.

                  AI Website Builder

                  This option is best for website owners who have had a website created by website builders such as Wix, Zyro, Bookmark, or Zyro but want to migrate to WordPress without the risk of losing your data.

                  Alternatively, new website owners can use this option as well. For example, if you are impressed with any existing website template or design on the internet, the AI can create a similar template so that you can use it for your own website.

                  Use pre-made templates – You will use templates to build your new website. This is similar to most traditional website builders.

                  Use your theme and plugins – You will use your WordPress theme and plugins to build your site design. This option is for experts who know what they are doing.

                  After your web design is ready, you can edit every element on it through the built-in Elementor plugin (a popular drag & drop builder for WordPress.)

                  Additional Features

                  Premium Widgets – 10Web provides more than 30 premium widgets that you can use to enhance the functionality of your website.

                  Cloud Hosting – All websites created by 10Web are powered by Google Cloud Platform. Thus, your visitors will enjoy fast and stable browsing.

                  Page Speed Guarantee – 10Web has utilized multiple technologies to improve the speed of your website, including caching and image optimization services. 10Web even claims that every website on 10Web will achieve a score of 90 on Google Pagespeed Insights.

                  Backup – 10Web will automatically backup your site. Thus, you don’t need to worry if your site encounters technical issues.

                  Automated Security Scans and Malware Removal – 10Web will scan your website. Thus, you can rest assured that your website is safe from malware and hackers.

                  If you still get hacked, the team will clean your site for free. Thus, you don’t need a malware removal service at all.

                  One-click update and manage – You can update or manage WordPress, themes, plugins, and even the backend (PHP) in one click without the need to drill deep into the code.

                  Staging – 10Web provides a staging environment for users to test all changes before implementing them on your live website. This will ensure that your website will not have technical issues after the update.

                  24/7 Customer Support – 10Web will always be accessible 24/7 to provide customer support through email and live chat if you need it.

                  Regarding eCommerce features, WordPress websites can use any eCommerce plugin available to WordPress, such as Woocommerce. Thus, you can get any feature you can think of, which is much more numerous than any other AI website builder on this list can provide.


                  Currently, 10Web offers three pricing plans as follows (all pricing is for annual plans.)

                  • Personal – $14 per month
                  • Premium – $35 per month
                  • Agency -$85 per month

                  All plans provide access to every feature available. However, higher plans will have more resources (numbers of sites, monthly visitors, SSD Storage, Backup storage.)

                  The Personal plan can create 1 website with 10GB of storage and 25000 monthly visitors. I think the allocated resources are adequate for small websites.

                  However, as a managed WordPress hosting provider, 10Web charges overage fees if you overuse your resources (i.e., your monthly visitors are 30000 for a particular month.) The fees are as follows:

                  • $2 for every 10000 extra visitors
                  • $2 for every 5GB storage

                  I think the rates are reasonable. However, if your website has many more visitors than the limit, it would be wise to scale up to higher plans, as they will provide more value for money.

                  You can use 10Web to build a website for free for 14 days.

                  Pros and Cons



                      Other Alternatives

                      Leia Website BuilderLeia is an AI web builder that can build stunning websites for online businesses within a few minutes.

                      Similar to Bookmark, Leia, the AI will be responsible for all website creation tasks. Thus, you will not need coding skills at all.

                      However, when I used it, its AI website builder did not work. It froze and failed to create a functional website. Although Leia seems to provide numerous features, I don’t think you should use it at this point.

                      Wix ADI – Wix’s artificial design intelligence can create your website within minutes in the same way as Bookmark, Zyro, and Jimdo.

                      However, as an ex-Wix user, I am unimpressed with the quality of customer service. Its features are decent but far from exceptional. Adding to that, Wix offers no more than 35GB of storage space, despite charging higher fees.

                      Therefore, I believe you can find a much better site builder apart from Wix.

                      Pun Anansakunwat
                      Pun Anansakunwat
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