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4 Best AI Video Generators (Text-to-Video) for 2021

As of 2021, no one could understate the power of videos. They are highly effective in conveying messages to a large group of audience. Undoubtedly, videos have become an important part of digital marketing, online learning, and many other uses.

However, video creation can be difficult and time-consuming. You will need to assemble the team, purchase high-quality equipment, rent the studio, and subscribe to various software products. All of these incur extremely high costs for your business.

Even though you have all these, there is a possibility that things can go completely wrong, which will skyrocket the costs and delay the progress of your projects for days, weeks, or even months.

Hence, I decided to come up with a fascinating alternative, which is an AI video generator!

Using artificial intelligence technology, you can create professional videos for your YouTube channel, sales presentations, documentaries, etc. These videos will look like those made by experts, but they cost much less.

If you are interested, below are the best AI video generators that can convert written text into lifelike videos in no time.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post from Victory Tale contains affiliate links. If you subscribe to these AI services through them, we will receive a small commission from the providers.

However, we always value integrity and prioritize our audience’s interests. Therefore, you can rest assured that all products or services in this post are presented truthfully.

Things You Should Know Before Choosing AIs to Create Videos

Each AI video generator will be different. Some may be more complex to use than others. Some may require more input to create videos. Some are even designed to create videos for specific usages.

Hence, it is vital to choose the one that fulfills your needs and matches your resources.

I never rank each product sequentially. This means the 1st software in the list is not always better than the 4th. This is because I believe all users have different needs. The 4th software may be more suitable for some than the first.

As a result, I suggest you read through the key features, pricing, and pros and cons, then make decisions based on your judgment.

AI Video Generators with a Virtual Human Presenter

As AI video generators are different, the first group that I will discuss are those with a virtual human presenter. Each video will have an avatar to provide a flawless, human-like voice narration, providing an engaging experience for your audience.

1. Synthesia

Synthesia is my personal favorite artificial intelligence video generator. Synthesia’s videos have a human presenter convey messages to the audience, providing a much more intimate experience to them.

The tool has many robust use cases, ranging from digital marketing, corporate communications, and even employee training.

Therefore, if you are looking for a remarkable tool to save your time and resources on creating video content, you don’t need to look anywhere else besides Synthesia.

Synthesia, one of the best AI video generators
Synthesia, one of the best AI video generators

Key Features

Video Maker – You can use AI to generate a video from the script within minutes. Unlike many other video maker software, Synthesia can create a video that is up to 30 minutes long, thus suitable for creating engaging Youtube or training videos.

How to use this video platform is straightforward. After logging in, just type down your scripts, customize the avatar (your presenter), design, and background, and upload images or background music to make the video suit your brand voice.

Creating Your First AI Video with Synthesia

That’s all you need to do. Subsequently, Synthesia will analyze your scripts. Then, if all are appropriate (according to the guidelines), your video will be ready to download within only a few minutes.

All Synthesia videos have presenters and voice narration. All are based on the inputs you provided. These presenters are ultrarealistic virtual humans. I think their body language and gestures are simply flawless. It is nearly impossible to distinguish them from real humans.

Synthesia’s Ultrarealistic virtual human presenter (aka Avatar)

The synthetic voice narration is also excellent. The avatar speaks perfectly like a native speaker and accurately based on the scripts provided. Hence, I understand all the messages it conveys completely.

Languages – Synthesia’s AI can generate videos in as many as 40 languages. I have created one based on my native language, Thai, and found out that the voiceover quality is as high-quality as the English one.

It is possible to use as many as five languages in the same video. Thus, you can create a video guide for many nationals with ease.

Multi-slide video – You can merge all Synthesia-made videos into a long video. You don’t need to use third-party software at all.

Duplicating Video – Suppose you make minor embarrassing mistakes in your video scripts. You can solve them easily just by duplicating the video and changing the texts. Your new video will be ready in minutes, much faster than using other video editing tools.

Voice Customization – You can replace a built-in synthetic voice with real voices. You can record your own voice and upload the file for the AI to use in the video.

Custom Avatar – This advanced feature allows users to replace built-in presenters with their own. For example, you can add an avatar of yourself to convey messages to the audience, even though, in reality, you did not participate in the video shooting at all.

Many users may wonder how this is possible. During the process, Synthesia’s AI will break down your appearance and voice, so it can generate your perfect avatar (aka your clone) capable of performing numerous actions, including staring, saying, and moving your hands in the video.

API – Synthesia allows your developers to make changes to the platform by providing access to the API, making it possible for your team to utilize Synthesia for more far-reaching usages, including visual chatbots, enhanced social media marketing videos, and many more.

If you are interested, you can use Synthesia to create a video for free to understand how it works.


Synthesia has a straightforward pricing structure. As of May 2021, two pricing plans are available for customers as follows:

  • Personal – $30 per month
  • Corporate – Custom Pricing
Synthesia Pricing
Synthesia Pricing

The personal plan will provide access to most features, except voice customization and custom avatars. However, there are four significant restrictions to this plan.

First of all, you will only have 10 video credits per month, in which1 video credit will be equivalent to 1 minute of video. Therefore, you can create multiple videos, but the cumulative length cannot exceed 10 minutes per month.

If you used up all your allocated credits, you could buy more. According to Synthesia’s customer support team, 10 extra credits cost $30. You can then add unlimited credits.

Second, no matter how many credits you add. Your video cannot be more than 10 minutes long. You need to upgrade to the Corporate Plan to create longer videos.

Third of all, you cannot merge more than 6 small videos into a final video. Hence, you need to plan your usage more prudently.

Finally, you cannot use these videos with built-in avatars in paid advertising campaigns, such as Facebook/Google/Instagram ads. However, you can embed them on your site, post them on your Facebook page account, or even your Youtube channel.

As the Personal plan users cannot access customer avatar, if you want to use Synthesia-made videos in paid advertising, you need to subscribe to the Corporate plan or purchase the custom avatar feature (costs $1000.)

Subscribing to the Corporate plan is a better alternative, as you will gain access to all features (custom avatar included), API access, many more video credits (starting at 200 per month), priority support, and additional premium services.

In my opinion, the Personal plan is good only for businesses that want to create short explainer videos or promo videos to showcase the features of products and services. Other businesses that have other use cases should subscribe to the Corporate plan.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent automated video creation platform, especially for those with educational and training purposes
  • Create professional-looking videos with excellent voiceovers.
  • Human presenters are ground-breaking. There is no need to self-record voiceovers unless you want real voices.
  • Videos can be up to 30 minutes long, thus best for all content creators.
  • High-resolution videos
  • Easy-to-use
  • Large media library to customize the presenters and the video
  • Available in 40 languages
  • Comfortably and swiftly edit videos without the need to use third-party video editors.
  • API access for advanced customization
  • Web-based


  • Cannot use videos with built-in avatars in any paid advertising (Google, Facebook Ads included.) However, if you use your own avatar (i.e., yourself), you can use it anywhere you want.
  • Numerous restrictions for personal plan users.

2. is an excellent platform that generates videos for various types of audience engagement. The tool utilizes the power of GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), a highly sophisticated deep learning framework that yields promising results.

Key Features

The key features of are essentially similar to Synthesia. With, you can create high-quality videos with a virtual human presenter from texts.

Artificial Intelligence Video Maker – Creating a video with is straightforward. Just select the presenter, type in your script, upload your media assets, and customize your video. Then you will be all set.

AI generates voice narration from your existing text. Hence, you don’t need to upload your voiceover at all. AI-generated Video (text-to-video generation) AI-generated Video

Based on some examples that provides, I think the quality of the videos is excellent. The presenters are highly realistic. Their body language and gestures are 100% human-like.

My favorite part is that you can add a CTA label to all your videos. This feature will enable your video to generate leads for your business.

Video Editing Suite – has a wide range of video editing tools that help you make changes to the entire video timeline without the need to use third-party software.

Custom Actor – This feature is similar to Synthesia’s custom avatar. You can replace Rephrase’s built-in presenter with yourself or your teammates to help provide a more intimate experience to your audience.

Pricing has a slightly complicated pricing plan. They offer one for individual video makers and another for businesses that need personalized videos.


Below are the plans for video makers.

  • Starter – $25 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing

The Starter plan will have access to almost all features except custom actors and APIs. However, you will only receive 10 credits per month (1 minute of video costs 1 credit.)

This plan is best for businesses that want to embed short videos to showcase their products on the website, as it is impossible to use available credits to create more than a 10-minute video.

However, if you want more credit, you need to upgrade to the enterprise plan, granting the ability to use custom actors, access the API, and many more.

Personalized Videos

Plans for personalized videos:

  • Starter – $100 per month
  • Expert – $500 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing

Unlike plans for videomakers, these plans provide access to templates for creating personalized videos. Hence, content creators are free to create various videos of their own choices, used in sales & marketing, corporate training, and many more.

Starter plan users can use only 10 templates and create no more than 300 personalized videos per month.

Expert plan users will gain more templates, a higher monthly video creation limit, custom actors, landing pages, and Zapier integrations.

Enterprise plan users can access API integration and better support, including support on the creative process and other advanced features.

You can freely choose the plan, as you pay for them month-to-month. Thus, you can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your subscription as you wish.

Pros and Cons


  • Ultrarealistic human presenters
  • High-resolution, professional-looking videos
  • The Custom Actor feature is available for use.
  • Numerous use cases
  • Insert CTA label to generate leads
  • Browser-based
  • Advanced support for video creation


  • Fewer features than competitors
  • Not the easiest tool to use

Automated Video Creation Platform

Below is another type of AI video generator. They are less advanced and innovative than those in the first group.

However, they are still very beneficial, as their AI can help eliminate tedious video-making tasks so that you can create exceptional clips much faster.

3. is a comprehensive tool that aims to use the power of artificial intelligence to reduce the burden of media creation processes, including logos, visual content, speeches, and videos.

The company claims that users can create videos with AI in less than 2 minutes. Let’s see how it goes.

Key Features

AI Video Maker – can help you create top-notch videos within a few minutes. The entire video creation process is straightforward.

First, you will need to type, copy and paste, or upload your script. However, it could not be longer than 20 sentences. Therefore, it is vital to write them as concisely as possible. You can also select the orientation, length, and color to make it suit your brand voice.

Using AI Video Maker
Using AI Video Maker

Subsequently, you will choose the industry, language and voiceover (male or female)

AI will then create a video from your text. This process will take some time. Within a minute, your first video draft will be ready for editing.

The last step is to edit your draft manually. In addition to basic customization, you can choose audio, images, and videos from the Gettyimages library to replace AI selections and incorporate them into your final video.

editing the video
edit the video using video editor

Based on the sample, the video quality is high. Furthermore, each video already has synthetic voiceovers, which are clear and totally comprehensible, so you do not need to create one.

Regarding text positions, I am not very fond of the original that AI selected for me. However, unlike Lumen5, you can freely change them by utilizing an old-school drag and drop technique.

The best thing is the ability to see the changes I made in real-time, so it is effortless to edit the entire video.

1-click resize – You can 1-click resize your video to make it suitable for various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. AI will automatically adjust your text and video content to be suitable for all platforms.

Project Collaboration – has several collaboration tools that will help teams work on each video with ease.

Pricing only has an all-inclusive pricing structure for all its products. In other words, all plans provide access to all tools, not just an AI video maker.

Below is the pricing for all plans (billed yearly.)

  • Free
  • Basic – $39 per month
  • Pro – $79 per month
  • Enterprise Agency – Custom Pricing pricing pricing

Basic plan users can access most features and unlimited downloads. However, you will need to create your own voiceover. Without the voiceover, in my opinion, reduces the tool’s usefulness significantly. You will also have a hard time creating a good one.

Therefore, I suggest you start with the Pro plan, which includes automatic voiceover generation in more than 20 languages, export the storyboard in PDF, and other minor additional features.

You can start a free trial to try for 30 days.

Pros and Cons


  • High-resolution videos
  • Unlimited video generation and downloads
  • Effortless to use + Excellent user interface
  • 1-click resize to ensure your video is compatible with all popular video platforms
  • Automatic voiceover generation
  • See your changes in real-time
  • Access to the Gettyimages library
  • Good collaboration tools
  • Support 20 languages


  • The maximum video length is 90 seconds, which is very short. Thus, the tool is only useable for creating a short-form video.
  • Personally, I think AI’s choice of text positioning is still flawed. Therefore, manual adjustment is still required.

4. Lumen5

Lumen5 is another tool that utilizes the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence in video creation. This tool is excellent for anyone to create engaging videos without experience.


Key Features

Video Maker – Lumen5’s AI can create animated videos from the text. However, the creation process is a bit different.

You will first choose the template and format. Then, you will reach the platform that allows you to customize your video. You can freely find and add related media assets from the media library, change styles, or upload your own resources (including your voiceovers.)

To make the video suit your branding, you can customize fonts, colors, resolutions, aspect ratios and upload your logo or watermark.

Regarding the scripts, you can copy and paste your scripts or even import them from any article on your website. For example, I imported the text from one of my articles on Victory Tale (see below.)

Importing Texts from your blog post to create an video on Lumen5
Importing Texts from your blog post to create a video on Lumen5

After you click “convert to video,” Lumen5’s AI will select important points from your texts, related images and show them in the video. Within a few minutes, your video will be ready.

Unlike Synthesia, all animated videos created by Lumen5 are not accompanied by a human presenter, which might provide a less engaging experience to the audience.

However, I still appreciate the video. This is because Lumen5’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) model not only selects the correct vital points from my blog post but also chooses the relevant images that fit my texts very well.

You can see below that my article is about coding bootcamps. The AI automatically chooses the photos of programmers or men sitting in front of computers for my video. I did not select or upload any of these beforehand.

Lumen5 selects the images automatically according to my texts.

Furthermore, all texts in the video are well-positioned. I have done nothing to set their position or scene length. I later found out that Lumen5’s AI automatically adjusts the position based on the media file I chose.

However, these could be disadvantageous if you don’t like the selections that AI provides. This could be an annoying problem for expert videographers.

Still, these features are perfect for me, as I always abhor the tedious tasks of finding the right images, positioning, etc. With Lumen5, I can create videos faster than before.

Nevertheless, the only drawback for Lumen5 is that you cannot create a video whose length is more than 5 minutes long.

Hence, Lumen5 is only suitable for creating short videos for social media platforms. If you are looking for an AI video generator for corporate training, you should consider Synthesia or look elsewhere.

RSS Feeds – Lumen5 can automatically create videos for you every day from your RSS feed.

Video Editor – Lumen5 has a built-in video editor that will help you edit videos without the need to subscribe to other video editing software. You can cut, merge, trim, compress or resize your video with ease.


As of May 2021, Lumen5 offers five pricing plans for customers (all pricing is for yearly plans.)

  • Community – free for life
  • Creator – $11 per month
  • Premium – $59 per month
  • Business – $149 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing
Lumen 5 Pricing
Lumen5 Pricing

I assume that most creators need high-resolution videos. Thus, it would be best to start with the Premium plan or above. Unfortunately, users can only create 720p resolution videos if subscribing to the two lowest plans.

The Premium plan provides access to almost all features on the platform, including 1080p resolution videos, 10 million stock images, custom colors, and fonts.

This plan will help you create engaging videos much easier. The video limit for this plan is 15 per month, which is generally sufficient for most individual users.

However, agencies and corporate users might want to upgrade to the Business plan to gain access to brand management features, collaboration tools, extra customization, Shutterstock’s media marketplace, and higher monthly video limits.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use drag and drop video maker with innovative AI features
  • Stunning Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision technologies
  • Create high-resolution videos based on your published article
  • Excellent User Interface
  • Access to Shutterstock’s library is included in the Business plan.
  • Good Built-in video editing and collaboration tools
  • No restrictions on usage


  • Cannot create a video that is more than 5 minutes long. Thus its videos are only suitable for social media marketing.
  • Cannot change the position of texts or images on the video.

Extra Tips to Create Engaging Videos using AI

You can shorten the scriptwriting process for your AI videos by using AI copywriting tools or AI content generators.

These tools utilize GPT-3 technology to generate text so that they can create perfectly readable texts for your videos. Furthermore, some tools can even write scripts based on copywriting formulas. Thus you can create a high-converting video within minutes.

Other Automated Video Creation Platforms

Below are other AI video generators that could serve as alternatives to the four tools above. However, all of them target enterprise clients. Therefore, pricing is out of reach for most small and medium businesses.

Vedia.aiVedia helps both publishers and advertisers convert their datasets into high-performing video assets.

Wochit – Wochit provides video creation solutions for enterprises. Your team can use the software to create a compelling video within minutes.

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