Software7 Best AI Copywriting Tools to Save Time and Costs (2022)

7 Best AI Copywriting Tools to Save Time and Costs (2022)

Creating a marketing copy is not an easy task both for copywriters and businesses alike. There is always a reason that an excellent copywriting article can cost well above $10,000.

However, recently the AI space has given us a new alternative. AI copywriting tools can now help human copywriters create an excellent copy faster and cheaper than before. Ironically, businesses can also use these tools and may even stop hiring a copywriter altogether.

Undoubtedly, many bloggers, copywriters, and content marketers at both small and large companies are now using these AI tools for their jobs, including writing web content, blog posts, emails, and social media ads.

But where do you start? There are various tools out there. If you skim through Product Hunt, there may be as many as a dozen of them.

Unfortunately, only some products are worthy of being used for your marketing projects. This article will introduce you to the three best AI copywriting tools you can use to create a marketing copy with minimized manual efforts and optimal team productivity.

Things You Should Know

Below are some things that I believe you should know before proceeding.

First of all, these copywriting tools are excellent but not perfect. You will need to apply human creativity to make it fit your brand voice and audience. Possibly, some sentences can be weird, not human-like, or even offensive. If you find any, you should edit or remove them from your copy.

I also found out that the grammar is excellent but far from perfect. It would be best if you used grammar checkers such as Grammarly to eliminate all grammatical errors.

Some might worry about plagiarism. Based on my experience, I always use Grammarly to check my articles before posting. However, I found almost none of these issues (usually less than 2% for an entire article.)

Minor issues I found are mostly colloquial sentence structures such as “According to Wikipedia” or “You can learn anytime, anywhere,” which is not a cause of concern.

Artificial Intelligence is now able to help you create a marketing copy.
Artificial Intelligence is now able to help you create a marketing copy.

Second, all tools here utilize GPT-3. According to Wikipedia, GPT-3 is the latest language model from OpenAI that uses deep learning (an advanced form of machine learning) to produce human-like texts.

As technology progresses, you should expect these tools to improve over time. For example, providers might replace GPT-3 with GPT-4, which yields even better results.

Finally, this post from Victory Tale contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from these providers if you subscribe to their services through my links. I will use this income to improve the website and provide better content for all visitors.

1. CopyAI

If you are afraid of writer’s block, CopyAI could come to the rescue. This copywriting tool helps me get over this problem many times. I have been using this tool every day to help me write articles, including the one that you are reading right now!

CopyAI  - the best AI copywriting tools

Key Features

The main features of CopyAI are straightforward. After you write an excerpt about what you need in your content, the AI will create the content for you within seconds.

For example, if you are stumbling on what you will write for your product descriptions or social media captions. CopyAI can help you complete this task. You only need to fill in a brief explanation of what you need, such as topics.

You don’t need to write too long for a short description. 10-30 words will suffice. However, longer and better inputs will yield better results.

Adding information for the AI
Adding information for the AI

You can insert more information to make the samples more relevant. You can input your audience, occasion, and promotion.

In less than 10 seconds, your samples will be ready. You can save and copy the one you believe is suitable for your content and modify it further.

For example, I asked CopyAI to create a blog intro for my post on “Top Paris tourist destinations.”

CopyAI Results
CopyAI Results

Otherwise, CopyAI can create more samples if none is good enough. The new ones will be completely different. You can repeat this back and forth until you find the one that fits your marketing copy.

Easy, isn’t it?

Below is what CopyAI can create for you

  • Product descriptions
  • Ad headlines, Ad copy
  • Social media posts, captions, introductions, hooks, product showcases, carousel posts and many more
  • All text for landing pages
  • Blog ideas, blog intros, outlines, microcopy, meta descriptions
  • Email (Thank you note, Catchy subject lines to boost clicks, confirmation emails)
  • Sales copy

I would like to elaborate a bit more on the sales copy. You can use CopyAI to create various types of sales copy, including

  • Pain-Agitate- Solution
  • Before-After-Bridge
  • Feature-Advantage-Benefit
  • Problem-Promise-Proof-Proposal
  • Feature-to-Benefit
  • Marketing Angles
  • QUEST formula

The way to create a sales copy is similar to the process above. You write briefly about what you want. CopyAI will create a sales copy according to your instructions.

As of July 2021, CopyAI supports approximately 20 languages, including most European languages, Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Furthermore, CopyAI can help you find ideas to write about. In addition to blog ideas and social media content, you can use this AI-powered tool to find viral ideas, growth ideas, or even generate names and startup ideas.

This could be beneficial for all content marketing experts and content creators. I cut down my time spent on brainstorming and planning as much as 60%-80% based on my experience.

Finally, CopyAI does not only assist users in copywriting. The tool can help you improve your general writing as well. You can change the tone, simplify sentences, write a convincing cover letter, or even birthday cards!

I like changing the tone feature in particular, as I could flip the sentence into nine distinct tones, including persuasive, witty, relaxed, friendly, bold, and many more.

Changing tone of sentences by using CopyAI
Changing tone of sentences by using CopyAI

You can also use their Chrome extension for better workflows on Google docs.


The pricing structure is straightforward. There is only one plan, costing $35 a month (billed annually) or $49 billed monthly. You can use CopyAI to create unlimited content and access the premium community (the latter is not ready as of July 2021.)

Still, this plan grants only one user seat. However, CopyAI offers more collaboration tools for marketing agencies and enterprises as well. You will need to contact them directly for custom pricing.

Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited runs
  • Excellent samples: Content created is human-like, readable, understandable, and unarguably one of the best in the industry. It writes better than some human writers!
  • Easiest to use
  • Fast (Quality content can be ready in less than 5-10 seconds, many are instant.)
  • Excellent user interface
  • Capable of creating various types of content and even formulate content strategy
  • Flawless additional writing tools (brainstorming tools to eliminate writer’s block)
  • Provides the highest variety of content to be created
  • Works in more than 20 languages


  • No complete blog post creation
  • Cannot assign specific keywords to target in content
  • Minor grammatical errors in samples

CopyAI offers a 7-day free trial for everyone to try their service with no credit card required.

2. Copysmith

Copysmith is a copywriting tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to create various types of marketing content. If you are looking for a way to create a fantastic ad copy in a short amount of time, I suggest you use this AI tool to help you.

Copysmith - one of the best AI copywriting software

Key Features

Copysmith’s features are more or less similar to CopyAI. What you can generate is as follows:

  • Blog Ideas, Intro, Listicles, Meta descriptions
  • Headlines and primary text for ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn)
  • Product descriptions
  • Text for landing pages
  • Content Rewriting (Works in multiple languages)
  • Sales email

This AI tool is again straightforward to use. Below is an example. I created a blog intro using Copysmith. Within seconds, the samples were ready for me to select.

Most of them are readable and are not very different from what human writers write (you still need to edit them, though.)

Copysmith results
Copysmith results

The best thing here is to add keywords for the AI to target or avoid when creating an advertising copy. Thus, AI-created content can be perfectly optimized as well.

Currently, you can try to create content in other languages. However, based on my experiment, the AI is very slow. I would say it is not usable right now.

Like CopyAI, Copysmith can also help in your brainstorming process, as it can generate content ideas, social media captions, and blog outlines.

This AI tool can also convert bullet points into well-written paragraphs and write pain-benefit-solution marketing copies. If you are building a brand, but you still could not find a catchy brand slogan or tagline for your company, Copysmith can also help you generate one.

Finally, Copysmith can create an entire blog post for you. This advanced feature is straightforward to use, even though you need to provide more input for the AI to start working.

You need to add the audience, blog post title, an example paragraph (at least 120 words), and keywords. AI will take less than 30 seconds to generate samples.

Copysmith's blog post generation
Copysmith blog post generation

Unfortunately, compared to other features, the quality of the samples is not that great. The article is well-organized, but I can notice numerous blatant factual errors. If you plan to use it, you still need intensive editing and fact-checking to make it work.


Copysmith keeps changing its pricing structure (they change it four times after I published this post.). Below is the most up-to-date version (August 2021). However, make sure you check with their pricing page for more accurate information.

Copysmith Pricing for AI copywriting software

Copysmith now offers four pricing tiers as follows (all pricing is for annual plans)

  • Starter – $19 per month
  • Professional – $59 per month
  • Teams – $118 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing

All plans have the same features. However, the Basic plan does not have only 50 credits to use and no access to blog post generation.

The Professional plan allows unlimited short-form content generation, but limits those of blog post to 100 per month.

Bloggers, copywriters, and freelancers should skip the Starter plan and start with the Professional plan as you will have access to blog post generation and up to 100 short-form content generations.

This is because 50 monthly credits available on the Starter plan are definitely not sufficient, as sometimes you may need many generations to find usable content.

The Teams plan would add collaboration features and 500 monthly blog post generation, which are excellent for marketing agencies, content marketers, or freelancers.

However, if you want unlimited blog post generations and better customization, you will need the Enterprise plan.

Pros and Cons


  • Good AI writer: It even writes better than many human writers!
  • Fast and easy-to-use
  • Capable of creating a content piece or marketing copy in other languages
  • Keyword targeting
  • Blog post creation
  • Plagiarism checks
  • Powerful Integrations (You can now integrate Copysmith with Google Ads, Shopify, and Frase)


  • Fewer templates than peers
  • AI is very slow on content generation in other languages.
  • The quality of the blog post samples is indecent.
  • Unstable Pricing

You can start a free trial to try this copywriting tool independently (no credit card required.)

3. Headlime

Using AI in content marketing can go beyond copywriting. If you have a multifaceted content strategy, Headlime is an all-purpose tool that fits your needs.

Headlime - one of the best AI copywriting tools

Key Features

The first and foremost feature is certainly copywriting by artificial intelligence. Below is what Headlime can create in seconds.

  • Product descriptions
  • Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads Headline and Link description
  • Website headline/subheadline
  • Sentence rewriting
  • Product pitch, taglines, and sales copy such as feature-to-benefit
  • Blog Ideas

The process is very similar to CopyAI and Copysmith. However, you can input the tone of voice and creativity. The latter allows the AI to be very creative in creating a marketing copy.

The image below is a copy of samples from Headlime.

AI-generated samples for Facebook Ads
AI-generated samples for Facebook Ads

This feature works for other languages as well. Headlime has about ten languages for you to choose from, including most European languages, Chinese and Japanese.

Headlime can create an entire blog post. However, it is not 100% AI-generated like Article Forge. You will need a human touch in the process. You can take a look at the tutorial below to better understand how Headlime can help you with this task.

However, based on my experience, I don’t think this feature is useful. If you write on very specific or technical topics, the AI does not write well. I have to spend time erasing irrelevant words and sentences. In the end, I spent more time trying to write blog posts with AI than writing entirely on my own.

Unlike other copywriting tools, Headlime can build an entire landing page for you (not just text.) Within minutes, your beautiful landing pages will be ready. Please watch the video below to learn how the AI builds landing pages.

Finally, Headlime also has many templates for people who want to write on their own. These templates include convincing sentence structures for emails and ads, high-converting popups, FAQs, privacy policies, survey questions, cookie policy, and many more.

Headlime templates for copywriters
Headlime templates


Headlime’s pricing starts at $59 per month. You will get all the features on the platform, one user seat, and 1500 credits. On the other hand, the enterprise plan will start at $399 with three user seats and unlimited usages.

Each feature will have different credit costs. For example, a Facebook advertising copy costs three credits, while a regular headline needs only one credit.

Individual bloggers and content marketers will find the regular plan more than adequate. You can get thousands of ad copies from this plan.

In contrast, marketing teams or enterprises can subscribe to the enterprise plan. However, adding a user seat is exceptionally pricey ($133 each.)

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent AI copywriter
  • A lot of useful features
  • Works on 10+ languages
  • Excellent additional content tools (almost 2000 templates, AI Landing page builder)
  • Good collaboration tools
  • Excellent documentation
  • Very good for content creation overall


  • AI do not write blog posts well on sophisticated topics.
  • Pricey additional user seats

If you are interested, Headlime offers a free trial to test all features with no credit card required.

4. Writesonic

When I first wrote about Writesonic, I did not include the tool in this list, as it has too few features. However, its developers have recently released many fascinating features, which make the tool shine.

With its new features, Writesonic is currently one of the best tools available to automate copywriting.

Writesonic, AI copywriting tool

Key Features

Writesonic’s main features are essentially similar to CopyAI and Copysmith.

First of all, AI can create short-form content for its users. These include:

  • Digital Ad Copy (Google/Facebook Ads)
  • Product Descriptions (for eCommerce sites)
  • SEO Meta Tags
  • Copywriting formulas (AIDA Framework and Pain-Agitate-Solution)
  • Emails

For example, below I want AI to create a Google Ads copy, so I need to provide the necessary information, including product name, product description and search term.

Within less than 5 seconds, my ad copies are ready. There are ten of them to select from. I found each of them to be perfectly readable and catchy.

Ad copies generated by AI copywriting software

Each sample will be different. Some of its meta tags and titles may be concise or lengthy. You can then bookmark the one that you like most and download or copy it for further usage.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can generate it again. However, this will eat up your credits (see below on Pricing.)

Similar to Headlime, Writesonic’s AI can generate a full-fledged landing page that you can use instantly in your marketing campaigns.

Landing page created by Writesonic
Landing page created by Writesonic

Within a single click, you will get as many as 5 landing page variations that you can choose from. As all of them are too large for me to add screenshots, you can take a look at all the samples that I created here.

Part of the landing page that AI created

The structure of the landing page is flawless as if it was created by a professional marketer or a top landing page software. The text is also almost 100% correct with very few grammatical errors.

Once you are satisfied with it, you can export the sample by downloading the HTML/CSS/JS code, which will include all images. Hence, the sample is ready-to-use for your campaigns.

Another astounding feature is the AI article writer, which will create a blog post within less than a minute.

You will need to add the information that you need. The generation process will take longer than short-form generations. However, within a minute or so, the blog post will be ready.

I think the article is well-structured, but, unfortunately, not well-written. There are numerous blatant factual errors, My recommendation is that if you want to use the article, you need to carefully factual-check every part.

Furthermore, some parts are gibberish that I need to erase completely or significantly edit them.

By the way, Writesonic has several writing tools to aid you in the process, including content rephraser, grammar checker, sentence expander, readability checker, and more.

Sentence Expander

These tools are somewhat useful. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to do to create your content.

As of now, I still don’t find this feature very useful if you only need high-quality articles or copies. I think it will take more time before these AI tools have the ability to create excellent content on their own.

When it comes to automated content generation, Writesonic is still far from being a one-stop-shop, although it has immense potential.

For those who write your own content, you can use Writesonic’s brainstorming features to help you eliminate writer’s block and find topics to write about. These features include AI article outlines, listicle ideas, growth ideas, startup ideas, and more.

Below AI created listicle ideas for me after I added “weight loss” as a keyword.

Therefore, in just a single click, you will get excellent ideas for your future blog posts.


Writesonic has three pricing plans as follows (all pricing information below is for annual plans):

  • Starter – $12.5 per month
  • Professional – $37.5 per month
  • Startup – $79 per month
  • Agency – $162.5 per month

Each plan has access to all features. The only difference between them is the number of credits provided for each plan.

You will use these credits every time the AI generates your content. Short-form content such as Google Ads will cost one credit, while a landing page and blog post will cost 5 and 7 credits respectively.

For the Starter plan, users will receive monthly 75 credits, while the Professional plan and above plans grant unlimited credits.

If you don’t plan to create many marketing copies for your business within a single month, I think the Starter plan is more than sufficient.

Alternatively, if you are a blogger or a content marketer who needs to create numerous pieces of content every month, I suggest considering the Professional plan.

Finally, the Startup and Agency plans are excellent for businesses since they can use Writesonic’s Shopify app (not yet available) and browser extensions to smoothen the content creation process.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional AI copywriting tools with many powerful features
  • Effortless to use
  • High-quality short-form content generation
  • Create beautiful and readable landing pages in seconds + instantly download the code and images
  • Generate well-structured blog posts and articles
  • Active developers
  • Supports more than 20+ languages, including all western languages, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese
  • Free Trial (10 credits)


  • Articles generated by AI are still not well-written with numerous blatant factual errors.
  • No unlimited generation for the Starter plan

You can also try Writesonic for free (10 credits is available.)

5. Snazzy AI

If you are interested in high-quality AI copywriting tools, but do not want to invest in them right now, I think Snazzy AI is the one that is worth your consideration. Its freemium pricing structure generously allows everyone to test all the features for free.

Key Features

Compared to other tools above, Snazzy may have fewer short-form content generation features as of now. However, some of the features are distinct that I have not seen elsewhere.

For example, Snazzy has a template for startup founders to pitch to a VC or an angel investor by email. You can also customize the tones and add keywords as inputs for the AI.

Within 30 seconds, my email templates are ready. There are three of them for me to select from.

Pitch to VC Email

I think the samples are good enough. It is 100% understandable and sounds convincing.

Snazzy can also help create Facebook/Google Ads, product descriptions, and sales outreach emails. These are not very different from other tools.

However, Snazzy has some interesting features that provide website creation ideas for those who don’t know how to populate your website.

For instance, AI have generated a Hero image for my homepage below.

Website Creation Ideas

Similar to Headlime and Writesonic, Snazzy can create a landing page. However, I believe it is too simple and not usable at this point. The data it provides is much less in-depth than Writesonic’s.

Snazzy’s landing page

In addition, you can use Snazzy for brainstorming and find viral growth ideas, blog ideas or even Tiktok video ideas for your business.

The great thing about Snazzy is that I don’t have to insert new data for each content generation, because Snazzy will save and reuse all your company information, audience, and description for you.

From an overall perspective, I think Snazzy is a good freemium AI copywriting tool. Though the feature cannot match its peers right now (developers plan to release more soon), it is worth giving it a try.


Snazzy has a transparent and straightforward pricing plan. You can use it for free infinitely. You can create no more than 5 generations per day.

Otherwise, you can subscribe to the Growth plan, which costs $25 per month (billed annually) for unlimited daily generations.

In terms of pricing, I don’t think Snazzy is expensive. However, as of April 2021 (this may change in the future), there are other alternatives such as CopyAI and Writesonic that offer more variety of features at relatively similar prices.

Pros and Cons


  • No need to reinsert the same data for every content generation
  • Freemium pricing structure
  • Excellent user interface
  • Straightforward to use
  • High-quality AI-generated content


  • Fewer features than other AI copywriting tools
  • Fewer selections for each generation

6. Jarvis

Jarvis or previously Conversion AI is another robust AI copywriting tool. The tool aims to solve problems that almost every copywriter is facing on a daily basis: writer’s block, poor conversion rates, and lengthy working time.

Originally, I did not include Jarvis in this list, as I was not fond of its pricing structure. However, they have made a significant change to that. Thus, I recommend everyone to try this excellent tool.

Key Features

Essentially, the features are not very different from the ones I have discussed above. There are dozens of pre-built templates to select from.

Jarvis templates
Jarvis Templates (courtesy of Conversion AI)

These templates include

  • Product descriptions (for Amazon sales pages and eCommerce sites)
  • Social Network (Facebook/Instagram Social Posts and Ads)
  • Google Ads
  • Copywriting frameworks (AIDA, PAS)
  • Video Content (Youtube)
  • Blog Content (Headline, Intro, Topic Ideas)
  • Email marketing (Headlines and subject lines)

I found the results to be very good. However, this also depends on the input you provide. For example, you can input as many as 400 words for AI (named “Jarvis”) to write the AIDA framework copy.

Jarvis is one of the best copywriting software

Similar to other AI copywriting tools, you can improve the content even further by utilizing its built-in writing features. For example, the AI can expand the sentence and rewrite it to be more engaging and readable.

This feature is particularly helpful, especially if AI creates unreadable content. You can even use it to improve your manually-created blog post content in case it is not good enough.

The final group of features is for brainstorming. AI can help you find the right content to create. It can create blog post outlines, marketing angles, and marketing ideas.

Boss Mode: Boss mode is the newest premium feature from Jarvis. Essentially, it helps human writers connect better with Jarvis.

Below is what the Boss Mode can do for you.

  • 2000-3000 Character Lookback – This will help the AI learn the context you are writing about, so it will generate more relevant texts.
  • Jarvis Commands – You can write a direct command to Jarvis such as “write a paragraph about cheese pizza.” Jarvis will then perform the command accordingly in seconds.

In general, the Boss Mode is a fascinating add-on that aims to improve the relevancy of AI-generated texts. It also helps speed up your workflow.

Unfortunately, it is not that game-changing. The quality of the text is certainly improved, but you still need manual editing as before. Jarvis cannot help you with everything at this point.


Jarvis has just revamped its pricing structure. They now have three plans for users to select from as follows:

  • Starter – $29 per month
  • Pro – $109 per month
  • Pro + Boss Mode – $119 per month
Jarvis Pricing for its best AI copywriting software

Starter plan users will have access to all templates. However, content generation for each month is limited to 20,000 words ($10 per next 5,000 words if you go over the limit). Best of all, you can have unlimited user seats for this plan.

The Pro plan will expand those quotas. Users have no limit on content generation and access to a virtual assistant that helps them write long-form blog posts. However, unlike the Starter plan, it has only 1 user seat at default. An extra will cost $25 per month.

The final plan is the Pro plan with Boss mode on top. With this plan, the user seat becomes much more expensive. It would cost $50 for each.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, I think Jarvis is far from the best, despite a recent significant improvement. At relatively similar pricing, some peers allow unlimited generation, while Jarvis limits it to 20,000 words.

Certainly, not all users will generate as many as 20,000 words per month. Still, if you are a freelancer or a professional copywriter, I am sure you will sometimes go over that limit.

The reason is that not all content that AI creates is ready for use. I once used AI to generate as many as 2,000 words or even more just to find a usable 100-word blog intro.

Thus, this means you will need to pay extra or choose the Pro plan that allows unlimited generation, but both options are costly.

The Pro plan, which costs $109 per month, is three times more expensive than CopyAI that provides unlimited generations and more templates at $35.

Furthermore, if you are willing to pay that much, you might also want to consider Headlime and Writesonic that have extra excellent features, including a landing page builder and complete blog post generation.

Nonetheless, the Pro plan already provide access to collaboration features, which most competitors at similar pricing do not. This could be highly beneficial for marketing teams.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and Fast
  • Beautiful User Interface
  • Very good results
  • Collaboration features are available for Pro plan users.
  • Connect with SurferSEO (content optimization tool) for AI to create SEO-friendly content
  • Unlimited users for the Starter plan
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Support 26 languages (European languages, Russian, Japanese, Chinese)


  • Free trials are offered through email and always require a credit card.
  • Limit content generation for the Starter plan, thus more expensive than other tools
  • User seats for both the Pro and Pro + Boss Mode plans are expensive.

7. Rytr

Rytr is another interesting tool that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in creating content.

Compared to other tools, Rytr is very new. However, it looks promising and much more affordable. If you are not satisfied with all other AI copywriting tools, you might want to give Rytr a try.

Rytr, another promising AI copywriting tool and CopyAI Alternative
Rytr, another promising AI copywriting tool

Key Features

Rytr’s features are mostly similar to CopyAI and peers. However, the platform is in the process of adding new features. You should not expect the end product to the exactly what it appears right now.

Below is the dashboard of Rytr. Its user interface is clean and not cluttered like some other AI tools.

It’s a blank screen at this moment, as you need to select the type of content and the writing style (tone) you want.

Rytr can create various types of content. For example, I select the use case to be “blog text & introduction”, and the tone to be “convincing.

I found Rytr can write copy with more than a dozen types of tones, which is much more than other AI Tools. This is excellent, as writing a high-converting copy always requires flexibility and creativity.

Selecting Tones for AI

You can also choose how many variants you need. However, I always choose 3, which is the maximum, since the first generation rarely works. I still believe they are too few, as other tools provide 5-7 variants within one click.

Rytr’s AI only takes a few seconds in writing content. The quality of content turns out to be readable, relevant, grammatically correct, but very far from perfect.

Rytr’s Content

I noticed that some sentences from Rytr’s AI begin with the same noun and use the same structure and vocabulary. Some also contain sentence fragments at the end of the drafts.

Hence, these contents look too unnatural for me. Unfortunately, this problem also appeared in most variants. So I decided to generate more, but it persisted. Thus, I don’t think you can use them immediately, as it could lead to search engine penalties.

Fortunately, Rytr allows you to edit the content write away. You don’t need to copy and paste at all. Instead, you can comfortably use AI to expand, shorten, rephrase, and append the sentences from the same dashboard.

The orange block used for AI editing, while the red box indicates that you can also manually edit the text there.

After completing the process, the sentences become much more readable. The above issue has gone.

As of May 2021, Rytr’s AI is able to write these types of content

  • Website Content (Blog Intro)
  • Email
  • Advertising (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn Ads)
  • Interview Questions
  • Job Description/Profile Bio
  • Landing Page Description
  • SEO Meta Title/Meta Description
  • Headline
  • Testimonial/Review
  • Youtube (Description)

All of them are short-form content. Rytr’s AI cannot create long-form blog articles or Copywriting models (such as AIDA.)

However, you can use Rytr to find brainstorm and find creative ideas, including for your blog writing, social media posts, or even new ideas for your startup business.


Rytr has a straightforward and transparent pricing. It has only one plan, which costs $15 per month (billed annually), or $19 (billed monthly.) The pricing is then much more affordable than most AI copywriting tools.

Premium users gain access to all features and can generate unlimited content.

Pros and Cons


  • Clean and fast user interface
  • Effortless to use
  • Fast generations
  • More than dozens of tones to choose from
  • Affordable (starting at only $15)
  • Support a dozen of languages


  • Creating a high-quality copy requires more extensive editing than others.
  • No AI Article Generator for long-form content
  • Fewer features than most peers: cannot create content based on popular copywriting formulas.
  • No collaboration tools for teams

Additional AI Tools for Copywriting

Below are additional AI tools for copywriting. I didn’t include these in the list for several reasons

Too Few Features

Copy Shark – Copy Shark is another copywriting tool that utilizes GPT-3. As of now, the tool looks promising, but it has fewer features than the one I discussed above.

Out of reach for small and medium businesses

Persado – An enterprise AI content marketing platform that learns your brand voice by utilizing natural language generation and creates tailored marketing content for your business.

Phrasee – Another AI copywriting tool for enterprises. The platform will learn your brand voice, get rid of bad language, and optimize it for better conversion rates.

Final Thoughts on AI Copywriting Tools

AI has made significant progress. It can produce readable and relevant content. However, the quality is still far below that of professional writers. Hence, it may be too far-flung to fire your content writers right now.

In my opinion, AI copywriting tools work best as an assistant to human writers in the writing process. They can help reduce the time spent on writing the copy by hours.

Still, if you subscribe to these services, you are investing in the future. All copywriting tools mentioned in this post are developing at a fast pace.

They all have plans to release new features, which will help you even more in copywriting and content writing. Not to mention an upgrade from GPT-3 to GPT-4 or any other natural language processing/deep learning models will create more authentic and human-like texts that no one could imagine.

Pun Anansakunwat
Founder of Victory Tale, a multipotentialite who has a particular interest in technology. He loves to spend time testing new products and learning interesting topics to broaden his insights. After graduating from Columbia University in 2014, he makes a living by being a stock market investor, a private tutor, a writer of three published books, and finally a website owner.

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