Software3 Best AI Content Generators for Content Marketers

3 Best AI Content Generators for Content Marketers

These days every content marketer wants to get some unique and quality content for their blog, social media pages, or even landing pages for ads.

Unfortunately, as the number of blogs and pages is growing rapidly, it is increasingly difficult for content marketers to regularly create new, original, and high-quality content.

Thus, many content marketers try different tools to generate fresh and quality content for their sites.

However, according to Google, it is also crucial that this automatically- generated content is unique, high-quality, and relevant to their niche. Otherwise, your site will receive a penalty and disappear entirely from search engines.

Are you looking for better solutions than scraping tools? Therefore, I think there is nothing better than artificial intelligence (AI) content generator software, which can provide high-quality content based on the parameters you specify.

Here I have listed the three best AI-based content generators that will help you create “useful” content that is original and readable by humans.

Disclaimer: This post from Victory Tale contains affiliate links. We will receive a small commission if you subscribe to these services.

Still, we always value integrity and prioritize our audience’s interests. You can then rest assured that every AI content generator in this post is presented truthfully.

Important Warnings and Tips

Using an AI content generator in your business is a wise decision. However, there are several warnings that you need to know before implementing them.

Do Not Just Copy and Paste

If you plan to use AI writers to create blog posts, you can’t just copy and paste then publish them to your website.

Although the content generated by an AI article writer can be 100% original and almost entirely readable, especially if you use the one that utilizes GPT-3, you still need to apply “human’s touch” to improve its readability and relevancy.

This editing process will eliminate some parts of the text that may not be human-like and guarantee that you will receive no penalty on your SEO rankings from search engines.

In terms of plagiarism, you can also check for it by using Copyscape or Grammarly Premium. However, based on my experience, I have never had this kind of problem with my AI-generated content.

You still need to fact-check all content before publishing. I always find out that what the AI writes is not correct. Some could even provide blatant factual errors.

Dealing with Limited Word Count

As of early 2021, most AI content generators for blog posts could not write more than 1,000 words for each article. Suppose you plan to create something more than that; you will have to generate several samples and merge them independently. However, I don’t think the results would be decent.

Undoubtedly, some AI content creator providers recommend users avoid using their tools for writing pillar blog posts.

These AI tools will work best if you use them to write secondary content for your blog to generate awareness and direct visitors to pillar posts. Some even suggest you use it for your PBNs if you have one.

Otherwise, you can use them to create some parts of the longer blog posts as I always do and write the rest on your own.

So while these AI tools will not be a one-stop-shop for content creation, they could still save content writers hours of writing time.

Use Them Together

Finally, this post will discuss mostly general AI content generators. If you are looking for a specialized tool to help with your marketing campaigns, it would be best if you read my other article, “best AI copywriting tools.”

AI Article Writer

You can create an entire article from scratch using these AI tools. There is no scraping or spinning in the background that will ruin your brand.

1. Kafkai

Kafkai is artificial intelligence software that generates unique, readable, and high-quality blog content. If you need unlimited numbers of those in several niches, I think Kafkai is one of the best bets you could find in the market.

Kafkai, one of the best AI content generators

Key Features

Kafkai has three writing modes for users to choose from as follows.

The first one, Niche Article Writer, allows you to select a niche for an AI Writer to generate a random article. There are almost 20 niches to choose from, including popular ones such as Dating, Finance, Weight Loss, and Travel.

Kafkai available niches
Kafkai available niches

What you have to do here is so simple. Click “Generate” for the AI writer to start working. You can also choose how many articles you want. Within a minute or two, your articles will be ready.

Kafkai Generate
Kafkai Generate

The articles from the AI content generator will be approximately 500-900 words. Each one will vary in quality. If all is gibberish, you can start generating it again. Still, if any article or parts are helpful, you can copy them for further usage.

Writing Samples from Kafkai
Writing Samples from Kafkai

I found that most random articles generated by this mode are gibberish. However, some paragraphs could be helpful for blog intros.

The second mode is Advanced Niche Article Writer with Seeding. This mode will allow you to provide a seed paragraph to the AI content writer.

You can write the seed paragraph by yourself or get it from somewhere else. There is no need to worry about copyright infringement as the tool will use none of it in the article it generates.

Article Seeding
Article Seeding

AI writers will take more time to generate content (up to 5-10 minutes or even more for each.) However, I found the results from this mode to be much better. They are more relevant and readable. Still, a lot of editing is necessary.

Example of Kafkai-generated article

The latest feature, General Writer with Seeding, is for unsupported niches. You can provide the seeding and use the general AI writer to create articles accordingly. You will need to spend more time editing if you use this mode.

In general, you will need a serious fact check no matter which mode you choose. However, if your niche requires highly accurate or specific information such as travel or health, I don’t think you should use Kafkai at all.


Kafkai offers four pricing plans for all users as follows:

  • Writer – $29 per month
  • Newsroom – $49 per month
  • Printing Press – $129 per month
  • Industrial Painter – $199 per month
Kafkai Pricing
Kafkai Pricing

Every plan has similar features. The only difference is the daily and monthly credits. For example, the Newsroom plan can only create 25 articles. However, you can generate as many as 500 daily articles if you subscribe to the Industrial Painter plan.

I think you need at least the Newsroom plan for Kafkai to be helpful, as you will need to spend numerous credits on the AI article generator to create a readable and relevant article.

Hence, I don’t think ten daily credits on the Writer plan are enough to generate one.

You can try Kafkai for free for three days. However, you need to provide credit card data to create your account.

Pros and Cons


  • Create articles in dozens of niches
  • Generate many articles in one click
  • Simple to use
  • Highly transparent
  • WordPress – Compatible
  • 3-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Great for creating random articles


  • Much of AI-generated content is unreadable or fundamentally lacks substance. You need to spend numerous credits on your account to find one that works.
  • Meticulous editing and fact-checking are essential.
  • Generating processes are slower than peers.
  • Requires a credit card or PayPal account to start a free trial
  • No other features besides blog post generation

2. Copysmith

Copysmith is an AI content generator designed for marketers. This tool can create various types of content, including product descriptions, social media ads text, meta descriptions, and many more.

Copysmith - the best AI content generator

Key Features

Copysmith is a versatile text generation tool that utilizes GPT-3, the newest deep learning language model by OpenAI that can generate human-like text.

The newest feature of Copysmith is blog post generation, which is quite similar to those of Kafkai. However, you cannot specify the niche, but you can add keywords to optimize, blog title, audience, and example paragraph to inform the AI what you want.

Copysmith Blog Post Generation
Copysmith Blog Post Generation Template

Within less than a minute, the article is ready. However, based on my experience, the quality is dubious. Though the article is perfectly readable, it is quite disorganized and contains too many factual errors.

Writing Samples

You will need to spend time (could be an hour) manually editing and polishing it before publishing. Otherwise, you may extract some usable parts to use in your manually-written article.

Copysmith’s AI software generates articles much faster than Kafkai. However, users can generate no more than two articles within a single click, while Kafkai can create five articles or even more under similar conditions.

I think this blog post feature is promising. However, the technology still needs further development. I would say it is not very beneficial at this point.

On the other hand, other features of Copysmith are simply outstanding.

First, you can create various types of short-form marketing content such as social media ads, captions, blog intros, and many more. All you need to do is write down one or two sentences that describe what you want from your content.

Blog Intros Generation
Blog Intros Generation

Subsequently, your content will be ready to use in seconds. Unlike blog posts, the content of these categories is 100% understandable. I don’t think you need to edit them much. A minor edit to make it suit your brand voice would suffice.

In addition to content generation, you can also use Copysmith to brainstorm or even improve the quality of existing content.

If you get stuck in writer’s block, you can use Copysmith’s brainstorming feature to help yourself out. The AI can generate content ideas, listicles, AIDA framework, etc., for any topic within seconds.

Generating Blog Ideas
Generating Blog Ideas

The latest feature is for those who want specific content types. Copysmith can summarize a particular article into key sentences, refine your existing article or even compose a short sales email.


Copysmith now has four pricing plans as follows: All pricing data below are for annual plans.

  • Basic – $33 per month
  • Growth – $41 per month
  • Pro – $50 per month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing
Copysmith Pricing

This will provide access to all core features and unlimited short-form content generation, which do not include blog posts.

Basic plan users cannot generate blog posts. You will need to subscribe to at least the Growth plan to access this feature.

Higher plans will give you more blog post generation and plagiarism checks per month, while the Enterprise plan will provide collaboration features and remove all limits whatsoever on the plan.

As I don’t think the blog post feature is beneficial right now, I think the Basic plan is adequate for most users.

Pros and Cons


  • Top choice for copywriters and content marketers
  • Excellent AI short-form content generator (valid for every content strategy)
  • A good brainstorming tool to avoid writer’s block
  • Unlimited short-form unique content generation for all plans
  • Infinite blog post generation for the Enterprise plan
  • Fast and straightforward to use


  • Blog posts created by AI content creators usually contain excessive factual errors. Some don’t even make any sense.

You can try Copysmith for free for 7 days with no credit card required. You only need an email address to start experimenting with this AI content generator.

3. Writesonic

Writesonic is another robust AI tool that will help you in content writing. If you detest looking at the blank screen for hours without any progress, Writesonic could come to your rescue.


Key Features

Core features of Writesonic are similar to those of Copysmith. It allows you to create short-form marketing content such as blog intros, content ideas, ad copies, landing page headlines, product descriptions, and many more.

I found out that every short-form marketing content is high-quality. It is 100% readable and ready to use after minor editing.

Generated Blog Intro by Writesonic
Generated Blog Intro by Writesonic

Similar to Kafkai and Copysmith, Writesonic can create a full-fledged blog post from scratch. The process is a bit more complicated than both, though.

First, you will need to provide a target topic. Writesonic will then generate ideas for your article for you to select from.

Writesonic's AI Article Writer
Writesonic’s AI Article Writer

Next, Writesonic will ask you to write an introduction for your article. The intro should be 100-150 words long.

Blog Intro

Writesonic would then generate several outlines. You can select the one that you like most. If you are not satisfied with any content ideas, intros or outlines, you can always repeat the process for Writesonic to come up with new selections.

Outlines generated by Writesonic
Outlines generated by Writesonic

Unlike Copysmith, the AI writer will take a while (2-3 minutes) to generate a draft article.

Below is an article generated by Writesonic’s AI Writer

Article created by Writesonic
Article created by Writesonic

I think the result is better than that of Kafkai and Copysmith, as it is more relevant to the input I provided.

Furthermore, the article is also more organized and easier to read, as The AI writer already creates different sections on the article according to the outline.

Hence, based on my initial judgment, I think it would take less time for a human content writer to edit the Writesonic article than other peers’ results. Still, fact-checking is again necessary.

These are all features that Writesonic can offer now. Writesonic plans to release more in the future. However, all of them are under development. I will update this section if a new one comes in.


Writesonic now offers three-tier pricing for customers as follows: All pricing is for annual plans.

  • Starter – $25 per month
  • Professional – $89 per month
  • Business – $449 per month

All three plans have access to similar features. There is no difference in features among them.

The only difference is the credits provided for each plan. The Starter plan will only have 50 credits each for basic features (everything non-blog related) and advanced features (blog related.)

Higher plans will remove the limit on basic features and increase credits for advanced features. Unlike Copysmith, Writesonic does not permit unlimited blog post generation.

I think most users should start with the Starter plan, as it provides access to all features. Fifty monthly credits are enough to create a dozen blog posts and social media posts.

If you dislike subscriptions, Writesonic also provides an alternative pricing plan. You can buy credits directly. Each credit will cost $0.50, but the pricing will decrease if you purchase in a bundle. For example, if you buy 400 credits, it will cost $0.375 each.

Pros and Cons


  • Effortless to use
  • Produce better blog post generation than peers
  • Good short-form marketing content
  • The entry plan has all the features.


  • Most features of Writesonic are under development. Thus, there will be fewer features than its competitor, Copysmith.
  • Limited blog post generation for all plans
  • More expensive than other AI article writers

You can try Writesonic’s AI content generator for free (10 credits are available.)

Tools to Enhance AI Content Generator

As mentioned above, an AI text generator could be convenient for content generation. However, it is not without pitfalls.

Using these tools (also powered by artificial intelligence/machine learning) can help human content writers eliminate those pitfalls and speed up the content writing process.

This section is incomplete. If there are more useful tools, I will update the section as soon as possible.


If your AI content generator creates low-quality content, Quillbot, developed by a team at UIUC, could help you improve it to a high-quality one. In fact, Quillbot can paraphrase any texts written by humans or machines alike.

Currently, Quillbot has more than 10 million users worldwide, including individual users, organizations, small businesses, and even enterprises.


Key Features

Paraphraser – Quillbot can rewrite any text according to your customizations while keeping the original meaning of it. There are seven writing modes for users to choose from as follows.

  • Standard
  • Fluency – Enhance fluency and get rid of grammatical mistakes
  • Creative – Considerably change the text by adding inventiveness and expression
  • Creative+ – Similar to Creative but adding even more creativity
  • Formal – Change the tone and structure of your text from informal to formal
  • Shorten
  • Expand

You could then choose the most suitable paraphrasing mode that fits your needs. I suggest starting with Standard mode and switching to something else if you are not satisfied with the results.

Besides writing modes, you can use the Word Flipper feature to increase the variety of vocabulary in your text. Furthermore, Quillbot also comes with an AI-powered thesaurus, which will suggest the right words to improve the quality of writing.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is if you use Quillbot’s paraphrasing feature, it will change the meaning of your text. You always need to double-check whether the newly-generated text conveys the right intention.

Summarizer – This feature is quite simple. Quillbot will summarize the text that you upload either in key sentences or paragraphs. You can also select the summary length that you need.


Quillbot allows all users to use the tool for free. However, free users can only use three writing modes, Standard, Fluency, and Creative.

Furthermore, you will get a much lower character limit for paraphrasing and summarizing. The process is also slower as Quillbot will process only two sentences at once, compared to 15 for Quillbot Premium.

Quillbot Premium will cost as low as $3.33 per month (for annual plans,) which is inexpensive. You can use it along with your AI content generator, such as Copysmith, to significantly improve the quality of writing.

Final Thoughts on AI Writer

As of 2021, AI content generators are still far from perfect. Human writers still need to intervene to polish the article. However, using them will save you time in brainstorming and structuring, which can take hours to complete.

However, if you use these tools, you are investing in the future, as the quality of AI-generated content improves over time. Developers plan to release more powerful features that make writing more human-like and increase the variety of texts the AI content generator can provide.

As a user of an AI writer myself, I would say that they are 100% worth your investment at this pricing.

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